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Hi all,

So I have been thinking of a way to make mining fun again for the small guy. I think I might have the basics down for a fun idea.

Lets say we have a few miners with free electricity to run small miners (Orbs, USB miners etc) And we all point them to the same mining pool. Lets use Nicehash. Now we have a gathering of miners to push up the hashrate running costs are “free” all paying out to a BTCB pool bitcoin address.

Now, my idea is to create a BONUS payout. Like a lottery where one “winner” will receive all the payouts for X amount of time before it resets.

The way you buy a ticket would be to contribute to the mining hashrate. Winners will be randomly selected. You can use BTC address 1M85WheGYurDD1frjDZabXfRkcPmp3DfyL to mine to the same pool. you can add .name to the address to add your unique worker name.

example 1M85WheGYurDD1frjDZabXfRkcPmp3DfyL.vtxeug will alow my name to show up under worker. It can only be 7 characters long though.

Makes sense and sounds like fun? When it grows big enough we can maybe attempt a BTCB pool that Solo mines = 25 BTC BONUS :stuck_out_tongue:

See where I am going with this. The idea is that it does not cost you anything to point your USB miner or what not to contribute, but you have a chance of hitting the BONUS jackpot receiving all the payouts for X amount of time :smiley:

Suggestions? Ideas?




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Scrypt -

BTCB - BTC Bonus -

So what Algo’s?

I was thinking



I like the idea. How would you go about randomising the draw? I suppose it would have to pull a random asset address from the BTCB owners list somehow?


That is the idea, and to make it even more transparent so that I don’t secrectly receive all the payouts :stuck_out_tongue: I would ask a forum member to help/assist/run the lucky draw.

Was also thinking that depending on the hashrate we have a draw everytime at the 0.05 BTC balance point or something.


i like this idea.i personally am in control of almost 1TH of “old” hardwear that dosent fit in any major sceme. i would support the 3 algs you mentioned above, and also tasting newer ones for GPU users such as myself (we have about 20 GPU’s), quark, x-15, nubit(am i saying that right?). bah u bugger, i love your efforts but hate placing failure in a single point, but i WILL mine here when your running!.
Take Care


Awesome!! :slight_smile: Thank you for the support so long! I am also looking at running atleast 1TH if I can get my hands on a cheap enough local miner. Maybe 2 x S3’s or something of the sort, Have a spare RM1000 PSU that I can dedicate for this BTCBonus LOTO, think thats what I am calling this operation :stuck_out_tongue:

What performance are you getting with X15?

I see Nicehash is not paying for X15 anymore, only X11 and X13


You could redeem some S5’s if you like.

There is some cheap GHX on the marketplace which should allow you to redeem an S5 for cheap. :wink:


I was actually thinking along these lines… You never know I might pull the trigger. Just looking at local options.


Pointing some workers to Nicehash Lyra2REv2 - I seem to have better performance and its paying higher than X11 etc.

Will post details soon


Okay so done some testing :slight_smile: worker is up, my worker name is vtxeug, this is a gpu miner will try and keep it alive aslong as possible

If you have any GPU or CPU’s that you would like to add, I can help you set it up. Join in! Lets see how high we can push this

OP update


Very nice!


I see a worker online, zani007 :slight_smile: I think you are using the wrong algo - aka lyra2re not lyra2rev2


Yes i have a bit Problems with my Miner. I used a Miner long time ago.

Edit: Everything is working fine now :smile:


Isnt it great to get into playing around with mining again :slight_smile: lol I had alot of fun setting and tweaking my gpu. Are you using a CPU?


Yes it’s making fun to tweak it. I’m using a GPU. It’s an GTX 770.


Great, I see the hashrate is going up nicely. Thanks for contributing and may the odds be forever in your favor :stuck_out_tongue:


How do you’ll handle worker who can’t run their rigs 24/7? After i shutdown my Miner, my Stats are vanished on Nicehash.


Your stats should be still there even if a worker comes offline. You might have to change the date range on the graph and make sure you add the correct payout address to the link. For example, GetHashing’s rigs on NiceHash.

Just replace the address with your own (or with the BTCB address) and the stats should show up.


I think i expressed wrong.
I mean you can’t see an worker which was Online for a few Hours only and has gone Offline.
For example if i mine for 2 Hours. After that my Miner will go offline for the next 22 Hours.

During my miner isn’t Online, my worker isn’t showing on Nicehash.

If Viturrex don’t see my Worker in this 2 Hours i mined on NiceHash, he would never see my Worker and couldn’t say who has mined for the 2 Hours.

The graph has nothing to do with the Workers. The graph is only showing the total Hashrate.
Please ask me if you don’t understand me. :smile:


That’s correct. The worker will drop but the stats are still there in the graph just not on a “per worker” basis. If the rig doesn’t hit the NiceHash proxy then it wont be listed (which kinda makes sense).