BTCBS7 - S7 Mining Asset by


Hi all :slight_smile:

Contemplating a BTCB S7 coin, I will basically buy S7 miner hash, divide it into Asset coins of 50Ghhash or 25Ghash each and bob is your uncle.

They will be sold at a higher rate as bonus structures will apply the same as with BTCB.

Would anyone be interested? I can possibly buy 2 x S7 miners upfront. I see stock is sold out on Bitmain

I am securing the S7 miners in the meantime.
Payouts will start once the miners are live (ETA 10th of October)

BTCB - BTC Bonus -

Nope, Dave is my uncle :smile:


Are S7 BTCB share will have some extra hashrate too ?
I enjoy the bonus hashrate, if yes, will buy some for sure :wink:


Here we go :slight_smile:

BTCB S7 Will become available to buy tomorrow!!

- 1 x BTCBS7 = 50Ghash S7 Mining power (payouts starts once active on Hashnest - Every Wednesday)
- $22,99 per Coin
- 30% start bonus payouts
- 68 stock available

For now there is only 1 x S7 Miner dedicated to BTCB S7 if the demand is high I will add more.


Cool kids :slight_smile: The product is live for purchase.


Asset on Coinprism


550 Ghash = 11 BTCBS7 sold :slight_smile: more available here


Should we fork this to it’s own topic?

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You have no proof of this.


Bob was my pap, not my uncle. But no worries, you were close!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Bob was my mom’s uncle. He did stuff to me. I still avoid swimming pools to this day :anguished:


My S7 has been running nicely for 2 days now. I have no room for more rigs.
With the bonus, I will buy in here instead of buying more S7 hash power on HashNest.


Still have BTCBS7 available :slight_smile:


Hi I ordered 1 BTCBs7 but I didn’t specify my asset address. It’s akRu4Pz1aBsu7UEY1yb3swUuqpwm1qjpHPT
for order #396



i am really intrested but fearing pulling the trigger as i believe in the whole “third party attack vector” and i see this asset solely relying on YOU making the payments to buyers. I love the idea of an accelerated ROI with the bonus, but who knows , if your house burnt down tomorrow whats to stop a person from hoarding users dividends to pay their own life costs?
Cause all i know is if you are in a situation where it’s your kids eating , or us getting dividends, i fear were screwed :stuck_out_tongue: and that’s of course a given.
I am probably missing out, but that’s my two cents


Wise words :slight_smile: Not everyday you come across someone talking sense in the Cypto world.

I am interested, Do you have any holdings in other mining or BTC operations?


Awesome, I am completing orders after the Wednesday payout round later.


@j0eam actually completed yours as there is no payouts yet for BTCB S7 but next wednesday there will be :smiley:


Did you send it to the address above? I didn’t receive anything. :cry:
Also, no BTCBs5 payouts today? :sunglasses:


Hi :slight_smile:

Payouts sent, hmmm I sent it to the address registered with your account?


That’s exactly why I posted my asset address here :disappointed:
The old address (the one to which you sent the coin) is one I once imported to a wallet that’s not color-aware, so it started burning coins. I deleted its private key from my wallets.
Is there any way you can re-issue a coin to the address akRu4Pz1aBsu7UEY1yb3swUuqpwm1qjpHPT? Then maybe you can exclude the wrong coin from the payouts. (or maybe some other solution I didn’t think of)
damn this is such a mess.