BTCJam Investment Request


Hello everyone, I’ve got a second loan setup for and any help you guys could give would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks Daffy!


I really need some help with this one if you can guys.


Invested in you again. Good Luck!


Just tossed 0.02btc in your hat. Good luck


Just saw that, thank you so much! 16% so far!

(17% derp)


I should add that I would be careful investing in anything scrypt right now. You may want to invest this loan elsewhere when it fills. has always felt a bit off to me. Looking at them again now, I can’t find the power cost anywhere, and the link to the forum redirects to the home page.


I seem to be stuck at 25%, if anyone hasn’t invested I’d really appreciate the help.


I sent a small amount yesterday to you. Hope it helps.


It helped immensely, thank you!