BTCLend and LendCoin Scam by Carmelo Milian


@cmilian I guess we are not gonna get a response about this???

You ■■■■■■■ Garza scammer!! You’re a real piece of work you f’n POS scammer.

ANSWER NOW!!! Why did I get this email?!?!?!?


My guess, since he’s been caught out as a liar and is clearly still deeply embedded in homero “scam artist” garza’s little world, he wont be back. He also won’t be back to whichever forum it is that @miaviator is a mod on. He’ll stick to the one place where he can peddle his BS without people with inquiring minds capable of critical thought visit.

He’ll still pop by here to see what the nasty people are saying about him, but he wont speak up now.

Unless you want to prove me wrong, @cmilian ?


He is gonna hide in his forum and address nothing. A page out of the Garza book of how to scam. @cmilian, you are a completely unprofessional coward. Man up dude! Quit hiding, this is real life.

I’m super pissed about this. Now I am more than likely gonna get more spam in my email because these ignorant people do what ever they want so they can make money…then look like a victim.

I better never get another email from you! Side note, what did you do with those 5000 coins that the rogue dev staked? Probably nothing as well. Just sit back an ignore everything you ■■■■■■■ piece of Garza made ■■■■!


What about the spam emails they are sending out to people that never provided their addresses to this fool?

@cmilian!!! are you ever gonna man up and address why we all received spam emails from you without ever giving our addresses to you??? It is apparent you got them from Paybase database from your boy Homero. You have about as much class as him.


I am not going over to that idiots forum…HashTalk2 if you will. I probably would be banned right after submitting my information.

Can’t ask the difficult questions…no one wants to answer those. They just wanna talk about how awesome they are. O well…hopefully it won’t happen again.


What does he mean by “recover the illegitimately staked XPY”. Did they lose access to their main wallet?

As you can see below all coins were moved out in one chunk, it’s not like the “rogue developer” took the stake and left the principal:

TX: (1032 XPY)
TX: (1284 XPY)
TX: (1003 XPY)

All ended up here:

So @cmilian looks to be full of ■■■■ again.


Don’t worry he’ll try to make coins again and hope no one is watching.

Its not like the inflation has stopped either.


But @cmilian said the problem was solved!

Geez what a garzastrophe this is becoming.


Oh for ■■■■ sake.

@cmilian you smarmy question dodging lying little ■■■■, can you do anything properly?

This is probably totally predictable following the “rouge dev” “hack” and the utter lie about the hyper staked coins being moved to a separate address.

Anyone who doesn’t clue themselves in to the fact that @cmilian is a total catastrophic loser given the wealth of information available is begging to lose money.

Come and give us some of your smarm and abuse now @cmilian. Double dare ya.


another breach and he just discards it. great - Ganza #2 is born
and this service has all the necessary permits ? :astonished:


Banned Troll says carmelo was hacked.


Time up upgrade from watch to scam?



Legally take care of me, biatch.


@cmilian is a piece of work. are we sure he is no relation to Homero? The same exact person perhaps?


“… please refrain from calling us a scam unless you have evidence, doing that is illegal, and you will be legally taken care of if you do.”



They’re essentially butt buddies.


denies it being a scam, threatens legal recourse, won’t provide proof that it isn’t a scam. Garza 101. Word games.


Oh wow. That’s a real site? I thought it was a joke around the time he claimed you could use your HashTalk reputation as a credit rating. I figured for sure this was some kind of satire.


uh oh…denying any involvement with Garza. @Aethercollector, still have those emails about his involvement with Garza?

NO, Garza has never had and will never have involvement in BTCLend.

Genesis Mining

No. Its not like the internet forgot anything though :smile:
Just ask suchmoon…

The relationship between JG and Carmelo isn’t that important.
The fact that Carmelo purposely adjusted his Prime Controller for more XPY, is important.
This should show anyone what he is willing to do to make money for himself.
The fact that has already been “hacked” and will probably be again, is more important.
They can’t protect your money even if they tried.