As of today All coin’s that are listed on any Market (excludes AU$ Market) will have the first 2 week’s that they are listed!!

So this Start’s today , so for the next 2 week’s all Market on BTCPOOL.EXCHANGE (excluding AU$ Market)

are 0% trading fee’s!!

If you would like you coin added , (for a Bounty) contact me to discuss it and it will have 2 week’s fee free trading!!

(AU$ market isn’t enabled yet, but should be any day for trading in Australian $ !!)

So get to


Nice and AU exchange with AU$ market coming SOON™ lol. Looks great, I have signed up to check it out :smile:


And 0% trading fee’s for the next 2 weeks on all markets except AU$ market!!


What will the fee’s be after the 2 weeks?


0.2% for all crypto coins and all new coins listed will also have 0% trade fee’s when first listed to give them a good start
the AU$ market will have a 0.3% fee but there will be no withdrawal or deposit fee’s (not including paypal and international transactions) , this is a little higher , for gst and bank cost purposes!! to give you an idea


How about adding colorcore for smart assets? preferable on the open assets protocol. :wink:


ok you got a link to it and ill check it out
I am looking for more info on it to see how it can be implemented mate!!