Bubbamarks Mistake


Ladies and Gents, like all people I am only human, after an 18 hour day I meant to pay out the Danger Coin Dividends, unfortunately I paid them to the Bubbamark asset. Now I know this is my fault and as I own 20% of Bubbamark asset I will refund. I ask that this community sends them back to 1DhGbRzNfQV8wUBCZrMicruLoWAmQWR3bJ so I can reissue the dividend.

If you choose not to that is fine, I will wear the loss. It is an honest mistake after a long day.

I thank those in advance whom do refund it, this is the TXD 92e77289416e94a030b23d81696acbb9cb528a41abebcc6dd46012b752446f76








I will send back but may not be until Sunday as I’m only on my phone for the weekend.


Let’s see if I’m getting this right. I’ve received this payout for BUBBAB and will return that to 1DhGbRzNfQV8wUBCZrMicruLoWAmQWR3bJ, correct?


Sleep Bubba Sleep ;). Sent






This would never have happened on HT, weldone on everyone honest enough to pay it back.

It would have been, something like

"appologies from CEO,

It has come to our intention that we have over paid a 48h boooost on our own Prime hashlets, we will lock your account if you try to withdraw but dont worry you are important to us and we will just deduct double back at our next payout cycle,

Keep my Ponzi going








Bubbamarks Mistake - I soo thought this thread was going to be about @bubbamark admitting that @tankjnr was his illegitimate love child. :smile:

sent back - rounded up to the nearest .001 to help out


and this is why I believe our community is very special. It’s not just GHX and GHcloud but the trust and honestly our community members have build among each other over the last 6 months. We have something very unique going…

HaHa!!! :laughing: you’ve won :100: joshtoshi.


Thanks to all, 90% paid back and @FChoox has stated he will return it on Sunday, it is great to see that this community is so honest. You all deserve a :beer:


I’ve just returned the BTC.



I got no beer so heres a jug to pass around…


will make the new payment now


Big :thumbsup: to everyone in this thread.


Sorry I have been away for a few days in and out and didn’t see this thread until now.