Bull Signal: Bitcoin Exchanges Spread


When the shorts are running the market there is a spread of $3 - $5 between the top exchanges, with BTC-e usually on the bottom of the spread. For the past few days there is almost no spread at all. Bitstamp is $1 below Bitfinex & BTC-e, but that’s it. Coinbase is actually $1 above those two at this time.

How high up can XBT go? Perhaps $280, perhaps more. There may be a quick snap up in next few weeks.

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There fixed it for you.


Interesting analasys, though I reckon as soon as there’s a moderate increase that makes data centres worth spinning up idle power they’ll dump to cover costs & dampen the mood of any bull market, hopefully preventing another bubble.


On the one hand, there’s no upwards movement over the past two days. On the other hand, a major dumpage occurred without resulting in a significant downward spike. BTC-e continues to trade above the other exchanges, after trading below them for most of the past year.

I’m still HODL XBT