BURST miner shares


A bit off topic but lets say I have a BURST miner and I’ve sold shares in this miner to other people, using BURST as the sale currency. I now want to add a section to my site so users can sell their shares to other users, using BURST as the sale currency.

Does this sound like a legal problem to anyone? i.e. would I need some sort of licence to do this?

I seem to remember some discussion earlier with something similar relating to GAW and the Zencloud market but they wouldn’t be required to register as a MSB as they weren’t dealing with fiat?

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Really? You’re selling shares of the read/write head movement of your hard drive?

You likely aren’t breaking any FINCen regulations, but you are putting yourself in danger of running afoul of the SEC by dealing in unregistered securities. (Not that they’re likely to come after someone doing less business per year than one of their investigators makes per hour.)


Its an ‘asset pool’, essentially cloud hosted hard drives.