Buy a house with bitcoin


Greetings all,

My wife and I have started the process of buying our first home. Of course, we’re excited, but I’m also excited about paying off the mortgage early. I’m hoping to use my BTC income to make an extra payment each month.

Since I love to share my adventures in life, I have set up a WordPress installation on my website to help share my journey.

Please feel free to take a look and let me know your thoughts!



Your site is full with aff. links, is that the reason you post it here?


Affiliate links are only on one page. The purpose of the site is to show that with even a little bitcoin, one can accomplish a major goal. I don’t claim to be rich, but using my bitcoin income wisely will save me a lot of money on interest and pay off my mortgage sooner.

I’m sorry if my affiliate links offend you. That certainly wasn’t my intent.

Happy Hashing!


I like it and I do have ad-blocker so I didn’t even see any ads.

Have to admit that I like your “holdings” posts more than the one of the house though. :wink:


Here’s an update on my BTC Holdings: Electrical and HVAC work has started on the interior of the house. I’ll post pictures later this weekend.


Bitcoin holdings update:


Stone accents are being put in place:
BTC Holdings increase: