Buying S4's from GAWMiners - Beware


I bought 4 S4’s from GAW and 3 S3’s recently. None of the S4’s came with rack mount ears but did have power and ethernet cables included.

One of my S3’s was DOA, I submitted a ticket but who knows when they will get to that issue. I will give them until Tuesday to acknowledge my ticket then take action.

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Sorry to hear buddy. Let’s see if you get an answer on Monday. Don’t think tickets were ever handled much over the weekends. You should definitely get it replaced imho.


Just scooped up 5x S4’s (used) recently from them and 2 had bad boards. Only hashed around 300GH…They did not come with rack ears but was nice that they had a 16 gauge AC cable included. Started a ticket and got a reply within a few hours with FedEx labels to send them back for repair/replace. This all took place this past week. As the above mentioned I am sure they will handle tomorrow. Good luck with your RMA. Pretty nice deal at $550 though I don’t think they are fully testing them prior to shipping.

Another small issue was that all 5 of them had a blank or corrupted SD card in them. None of them would post or show any startup on the screen…just blank. I had to take them apart, copy a baseline image on them and then flash them to 10-16 firmware from Bitmain.


I actually got a reply tonight from GAW and they said they would issue me an RMA for my dead S3. I need to test my remaining 3 S4’s and make sure they boot before I rack them.

On a whim, I emailed Thomas the support guy asking if I could get the rack mount ears for my 4 S4’s I ordered. We shall see.


Cool, keep us posted. I am curious about your S4’s whether they boot or not. Ill share my base image if you need.


while that sucks, and I hope they fix it, you can’t really say it was completely unexpected :frowning:


I ordered 2 from them a couple weeks ago. The order went 4 days without any movement, so I called them up and asked them to either refund my order or expedite shipping. They overnighted them to me. Was pleasantly surprised. I also received the 16 Guage cables, which was nice - as the other 2 x s4’s I already had, did not come with them. Saved me a trip to the hardware store. 1 of the units booted fine, the 2nd one - did not. Was DOA, but rather than try for the RMA route, I busted it open, as I could not access the reset pin on the display screen. The LCD was slightly off alignment. I disconnected the LCD screen from the front panel and disconnected all cables to the boards and PSU, then reattached them. Also removed the SD card and reinserted it (did not have to flash), turned it on, and low and behold it was working - although the display seems broken as only half the characters are visible - it’s hashing away at 2 th.


My S4 had to be reflashed, been working fine since.


Whenever you do business with a suspected fraudulent company you should use escrow… (I recommend escrow all the time when doing business on the blockchain)

With that said, if you used a credit card then you have, by default, an escrow style recourse if they fail to respond:

If they have any language stating “as-is” you may be stuck… if not, you have recourse.


I would not have bought these except for the fact that I could redeem my old rewards points. I don’t trust GAW at all.


Completely forgot I had Reward points, thanks for mentioning it!!


You’re welcome.


Sorry for you’re lose buddy, had the same experince last year with gaw, ordered an war machine 1700$ and it was hashing at 27mhs, because the second board was broken, no refund until today. They refunded me just 80$ back for my shiping cost. What a joke :grimacing:


What? They waited this long to refund you?

I got a pre-paid shipping label from GAW already and I’m shipping the S3 back on their dime.

Now, I have a non-booting S4 and need to re-flash the SD card in it.


I just recived 80$ for my shipping invoice.
They didn’t send me an new machine after i asked for rdma. How ever i am done with this company…


I bet you never even chased it up :slight_smile:


I must say that the Falcon they sent me after closing their hardware hosting service was brand new in the box, never been used. I only managed to get $100 for it on classified ads but the guy who bought it was going to re-flash the chips to do some mathematical calculations for a project… I was happy as I knew I wouldn’t have to deal with an RMA if it didn’t work, I could just blame him for burning off the chips!


Just checked Bitmain’s website and the S4 isn’t listed any more.


I did order another S4 today (for $64 shipped) from GAW so hopefully I will see it in a few days.

Sadly I’m out of rewards points.


Nice! $64, must ROI! :slight_smile: