-Canada- Pay Your Electricity / Phone / Credit Card Bills in BTC


I recently find https://bylls.com/ to pay my bills with Bitcoin.
They are based in Montreal and are in business since last summer.

I did a test with a little amount on my credit card.

Payment showed after 48-72hrs later in my AccesD account.

You can add almost every bills you got. Phone, Electricity, Credit Cards etc. …
I emailed support and Eric Spano replied to me very quickly. Work great.

Interview with Eric Spano


can I move to canada? Im american by the way


If you know how to operate a snowblower, you’re welcome :smile:


Wow nice, I’m in Trois-Rivières, nice to see some neighbours doing some Bitcoin stuff :smile:

I’ll try them tonight.


I did find them not long ago myself… I wasnt as carefull as you did loll Sent 200$ to my credit card last monday and boom, by thusday 200$ was deposited on my card… I sweated a bit during the 3 days delay but felt good afterward!

@P4ndoraBox7 and @Hytekk So we are a couple from Quebec on this forum i Guess.


Ya plein de Kébékers, grosse tempête de neige. J’ai soufflé ma cours et la gratte est passé 1/2 heure plus tard.
Damn it! Faut que je me retape la job

Process take some time but it work. I email support and received a super fast reply.

I’m waiting for my next Hydro-Quebec invoice to see if my payment did it. Great services and it didn’t need a alt-coin to work :wink:


I’m in Ottawa now and have family in Quebec. So I’m almost a Kébéker. I spent most of life/career in southern Ontario. Mon francais est terrible.


I go in Ottawa from time to time for my work. I like the marketplace in summer. I also enjoy having a lunch at Moxy’s or at Keg’s :beer: Woman are very nice and out numbers the man :slight_smile:

I have a strong franco accent when I talk in english :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


ouin… maudite tempete dominicale au mois de mars lmao!

don’t we all? lol


Nice! I’d love to be able to pay my rent in BTC. I should mention it to my landlord then next time I see him (which isn’t very often). :slight_smile:


Everything worked fine, will indeed use bylls again.