[Cancelled] BTCB Sale - please sign


Hi would the person selling the BTCB please sign it? :slight_smile: didnt wanna ask but been a few days :\


well been 5 days, cancelling the order…
Makes me wonder if there’s a better way?
it seems to me if someone posts an asset for sale they WANT to sell it so why signed confirms?
This person lost a sale anyways, o wells


There is one guy selling BTCB for really cheap but I don’t think he knows how to sign it. Because he never does.


that would be the one. it IS really cheap thought i would (try) snag it …
well then :stuck_out_tongue:


If the seller doesn’t check his listings then there is nothing that can be done. I see some BTCB listed on the marketplace now and I think www.btcbonus.net has some BTCB in stock too.