[CANCELLED] Cloudminr Account - 1 TH


EDIT: I sold some GHX coin instead, so this offer to sell my Cloudminr account is cancelled.


I can do the escrow if needed. Doubt you’ll need one though :wink:


I’ll probably buy it, but only in 2 weeks when I’ll have some funds available. Good luck with your sale.


Thank you & you too!


I found another solution and changed my mind, I’ll ask in the meantime if there could be any way to merge an account to another.


Just keep both accounts. You never know, you might want to sell one again in the future. Just an idea… :wink:


Well nice idea :slight_smile: you got it !


That would be very simple, once you set up the payment address there’s not much to do except collect. No rockets to polish :wink:


Lame! :laughing:


“Polish” has a rather earthy connotation, as in “polish your weapon” is a military jagoff exercise :wink: