Category Description and Rules


This has to be one of the most astute and well-educated forums in the crypto world. There are many business owners and entrepreneurial people here needing experienced freelancers’ assistance. What better place to start, to fill that need or, to find your next project to work on.

  • Need project help? Do not waste this golden opportunity to employ freelancers
    from a global workforce of subject matter experts. Post your “to-hire” posts here first!

  • Looking for freelance work and have undeniable skills and experience?
    Post your “for-hire” posts here and tap into a large, global pool of
    entrepreneurs and employers with new or ongoing projects!


  • For “to-hire” posts, please detail the specific skills required for the
    position, the duration, and the required level of experience.

  • For freelance “for-hire” posts, please detail your skills in
    your post, including experience, indicating the number of projects and
    activities you have successfully completed in the past.

  • No posts offering services as “commercial advertisement.”

We highly suggest that if the two connecting parties do not know each other very well, that a vetted escrow agent be used at the very beginning once there is an agreement. You can find forum vetted escrows here:

GetHashing is not responsible for any disputes which may arise between parties engaged in for hire contracts. All parties are encouraged to formalize their agreement in a simple contract, signed by both parties and exchanged via fax or email. If you are using an approved GetHashing escrow, include a third signature line for the escrow agent, with a clear clause explaining when the escrow is authorized to release funds to the freelance worker. You can find sample for hire contracts here: or here:

Mods and Admins reserve the right to remove any posts which may be deemed inappropriate or “off topic” from the above guidelines listed. Abuse of this section “may” result in your banning from the forum/website. Please respect the intent of this section, so that users can benefit from the opportunities.