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In the “General Discussions” tab, can we create two “prominent” areas: “Economics” and “Business Development Zone?”

If they already exist, I am not finding them. I would like to see these here for several reason:

  1. There are plenty of would-be entrepreneurs scouring the internet who see value in utilizing crypto for business development purposes. We need one or two places where people can go to find links for payment processors, software, market development, etc.
  2. Many crypto businesses do not understand market and monetary economics very well, mostly because they are more “geek” than business developers. We should have a place that allows entrepreneurial types the ability to acquire knowledge that will keep them from making the same mistakes as GAW,
  3. We need a repository where people can share documents and ideas that will shorten the prospective development process of crypto-oriented businesses,
  4. There is no real clear place to store outside links that cover business aspects of the crypto industry, as a whole,
  5. A better “two-stop shoppe” for information that can help people find prospective VC and other business partners that could help combine functionality and utility of future business development (why recreate the wheel when someone already has done that?),
  6. Because I am asking… :wink:

Thanks :smiley:

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Crypto related or none crypto? I’m asking because we already have Economy in Crypto Discussions.


Crypto related :wink:

Edit: Crypto and non-crypto related. They are actually NOT mutually exclusive. This is why businesses in crypto fail, because they are 99% geeky and only 1% business management savvy. That is my observation anyway. :wink:


I’ve been looking through the admin interface and can’t seem to find anything related to managing categories. My level is probably not high enough yet.


Yeah, neither is mine :slight_smile:

Admins can manage the categories.

@Allen1980s I made a task for today to create them cause I’m on my way to bed.@nemesio could set them up too.


I could not find this Category Suggestions thread earlier, I must be bad at searching. Or too used to browsing in places where search doesn’t work :wink: Thank you mods for pointing it out:

This was the basis of my request, which I emailed to the mods:

I just posted about the failure of Heta Asset Resolution Bank in Austria. Earlier I posted about Iceland’s economy & Auroracoin, replying in the Bitcoin thread, and about Syriza / Greece here. I believe a section on International Finance would be a good thing here. I have a lot to say about the economies & finances in the US, Eurozone and elsewhere, including China, Russia, Venezuela, etc.

The question of altcoin / bitcoin and the future to me relies a great deal on potential failures of fiat economies and things in the finance world are beyond crazy. I know the international finance story fairly well from 1870 forward, and nothing has ever happened like what we see today with the printing of billions and billions by central banks all around the world. Something’s going to pop and it may be sooner rather than later.

My first thought was a new top-level “Finance & Economics” with sections for:

Russia & Eastern Europe
Middle East
Central & South America
Political Theory

However this might be moving too quickly. Perhaps the best solution for now is to put two new sub-sections under the “General Discussion” header:

Finance & Economics
Political Theory (I have some things to say about this, w/ Hannah Arendt as a starting point)

EDIT: after re-reading the top post I’d suggest a third heading: “Business Development”

If we see enough action there to deserve it, a new top header may come in the future. But for now this would definitely make things easier for those wanting up to date info on the world’s economy.

What do you think?

Greece Economy & Currency - Euro, Drachma, Crypto

[quote=“UnbornZ, post:6, topic:817”]
My first thought was a new top-level “Finance & Economics” with sections for:[/quote]

This might sounds silly but please bear in mind that my first language is not English so here we go.

What’s the difference between “Economics” and “Economy”? I’m just asking because I really don’t know and because we already have Economy in Crypto Discussions as sub. Can you explain please?

I agree that the list of sub-categories would be to wide-spread, we’re to small for that at this point (imho) and it would create a clutter of almost empty categories.

However this might be moving too quickly. Perhaps the best solution for now is to put two new sub-sections under the “General Discussion” header:

“General Discussions” is actually meant for everything not related to crypto. So perhaps we should create an entire new main category dedicated to Crpyto and RL finances and economics with a suitable sub-category tree?

Just my 2 satoshi…


Economics is what you get a degree it, more theory than practice. Economy is what a government or currency zone does with money. Economies are driven by political goals, economics generally tries to stay above and apart from politics. Finance is part of economies, all that stuff banksters and politicians do. The toughest thing for crypto is replacing financial instruments built on top of economies & currencies.

Yes it does sound like this doesn’t belong in General Discussion.

A new top level that fits the bill would be:


Subs for starters could be:
World Economy (political)
Finance (banking)
Business Development
Political Theory

How does that sound to everyone?


This topic is now crossing two threads, here’s the key part of the other thread:

Continuing the discussion from Greece and Cryptos:

Allen replied “yes” to all & on putting For Hire under marketplace.


Get @Allen1980s and co to comment here. We’ll setup the category tree the way you guys/gals outline it. Would Allen and you Moderate that category?

Made a note for @keymaster to add “For Hire” in the Marketplace


I am game, since there are other sections which I am still pondering, as far as business modeling. We have already spoken of one of them recently.


Yes I would be happy to contribute in that way, thanks!


@UnbornZ, @Allen1980s

Does this category tree work?

Finance & Economics


  • Global Economy
  • International Finance
  • Economic Theory
  • Political Theory
  • Business Development

If that works we’ll create the above section and subs today. Also, should we move Economy from crypto discussions to the new section?


I would change, in the Crypto section, “Economy” to Crypto Economics. It is already there and should probably stay there.
Thanks for the others! That works for me.

Edit: I clarified as did @UnbornZ


Yes that’s great. And as @Allen1980s says, “Economy” in the Crypto section should be re-labled “Crypto Economy”.

Thank you!


@Allen1980s, @UnbornZ the new category and subs has been created.

The “about” stickies in each category are flagged as community wiki’s, feel free to edit those as you like. Those categories are yours. I’ve also locked both of your accounts into trust level 3 which means you should have all moderation tools available to you across the entire forum.

Please feel free to move topics from crypto discussions - economy to the new category.

Let me know if you need any additional categories or adjustments to the current ones.

I would change, in the Crypto section, “Economy” to Crypto Economics

Good idea, thanks!


Thank You ! :smiley:


Could be get an “About the categories” category?


A new category tree has been created which automatically creates an “About” sticky for each category. The first line will be the text displayed in the category overview and any paragraph following thereafter are the introduction or guideline for each category. @Allen1980s and @UnbornZ will fill those in the days to come :smile:
In general it can be very hand to read the “About” of a category. The stick might contain guidelines or specific rules for that category and reading before posting can prevent misunderstandings.


I and @UnbornZ can get on these quickly. I will set aside time tonight (my tonight) to address some of these. @UnbornZ can edit whatever I post, and I his. :smiley: