CAUTION! - Coinbase Invest Fund Email Scam


I received an email from Coinbase stating I can get 150% return in the next 10 days…I have NOT been able to verify. Please proceed with caution if you have received this same email

We’re happy to announce a new product - Coinbase Invest Fund, reliable platform for
small and medium scale investments. Fund assets are diversified among emerging Forex
positions at Coinbase Exchange. Deposits are risk-free insured by institutions such as the New
York Stock Exchange.

Want to become a professional investor?
Our first short-term investment program starts today - GET 150% FOR A 10-DAY DEPOSIT.

Investment offer is active from 20th of April 12:00 AM Pacific until 30th of April.
Coinbase offers you a fixed return with a 50% growth for a 10 day period.
You can deposit today from $100. Maximum deposit amount per one person
or legal entity is 60 Bitcoins. That’s an astonishing opportunity to earn up to $8,500 per 10 days!

Investors who want to apply, please make a deposit to

1Gotenirvkc46uM1PjqDghmJxKDP7eAik4 or click the link below

Once a payment is made you will get an e-mail about successful participation.
Please note: Initial deposit amounts exceeding +30 Bitcoins will qualify your membership for a 2nd level upgrade.

We will return your initial deposit with dividends on 1st of May, 2015 12:00 AM Pacific Time.
(for example: investing 10 Bitcoins today will return 15 Bitcoins in a 10 day period)
Profits are withdrawn without any delay and Coinbase waives all fees for 1st level investments.

Hurry up! This is a limited, one-time opportunity.

Kind regards,
The Coinbase Invest Fund Team

Do not reply to this e-mail


Yeah right so how are they going to know your email address from a bitcoin deposit. These scammers get more ignorant by the minute.


Could you post the headers of the email?


I was just on the coinbase forum and many people got this email…I have been trying to get in contact with someone official at Coinbase …hopefully this will help…I posted it at HT and talk paycoin also


Did you receive it yourself too? If yes could tou post the headers of the email just remove any identifying info like your email but leave the rest intact.




I can’t copy the whole header for some reason


Yeah well that does not prove much. The whole idea is to look at the header and see what the originating server is.


I got it too…I can forward it on if you want it @daffy.


I just chatted with a guy at CB…they are aware and deciding how to respond. They said they have blocked any further emails from going out


Yea Daff…PM me your addy and I will forward mine to you as well…I think there has been a couple differing “from” addresses



Why would Coinbase ask for direct deposits to ONE bitcoin address by email opposed to depositing via your Coinbase account?


Well that sucks the email really seems to be originated at coinbase. Wait for some other news their servers have been hacked.


Yep…it is confirmed now


Yeah that too the BTC addresses are even personalized. So someone has been planning this out. And the email originating from the coinbase email server is another thing.


Figures, the part with “deposit to” was a strong indicator.



It seems each email has a unique btc addy from what I am gathering from other that have received the same email


Really? So it might even be genuine or what did Coinbase say? You said above they confirmed?

When I read the first part of the mail I thought the offer could be legit and that the offer might be a rebate / deposit bonus to kick-start a new service. A lot of Forex sites offer rebate or deposit bonuses and 100-150% back (over time) is nothing special.

But when I read the details and the “deposit to this address” I waved it off as spam/spoof. Seems odd for a company the size of Coinbase to ask for direct deposits via email.


In 10 days? With a limit of max 60BTC? That is a lot of bonus. I never seen that anywhere unless it’s a scam. Also I suspect coinbase sends out emails with text and html not just text. I suspect one of their serves got hacked and the email address list used to send out these emails.


Luckily they overkilled it. I bet they could have got a lot of people if they wouldn’t have been so unbelievable with the details.