Censorship & Openness



I have spied on other forums about people wondering if we aim to Censor, and how open and honest we will be.

We have decided on a light touch moderation approach, basically we will let you self-moderate, the only limit we really have is personal attacks, doxing and pornography - there will be a set of rules published shortly. You are even welcome to criticise the management here without fear of retribution.

With regards to openness, we will be providing our mining addresses in due course for when we start mining a coin (we will be providing the mining address for NEOS shortly - its still part of our BETA test so its only fair we start as we mean to go forward). Obviously there will be some aspects of our business we cannot share with you - but where we cannot we will honestly tell you, and where we cant do something directly, we will try and figure out a way we can let you in on it.

I hope that clarifies things a little more.



Good to hear.



Hi Animo !! :smiley:


So I cant say C&#$, F#$k, T^%, SH^&%#$ ???

Glad to be here :slight_smile:


I don’t agree with the ■■■■ part, but everything else is okay by me!!!


Thanks for the heads up… :sunglasses:


well, if there’s no ■■■■, at least that will reduce the number of cnuts and a-holes we encounter :wink:

other urls for that are abundant.


Oh well this could be fun :smile:
Better start a new forum just for that :smile:


except you Miramyn. You have to bow to us… :smiley:


That ones for you :slight_smile:


Oooow, nice.


Looking at your sexy booty I can see why you dislike that part :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw an uncensored “open” picture once