CEX rolls out instore Bitcoin Payments


Last year CEX (https://uk.webuy.com/) began accepting Bitcoin payments online, and by the end of the year they announced they were rolling out Bitcoin acceptance in their stores nation wide.

So, I went hurtling down to my local store, desperate to be the very first person in my city to make an in store purchase using Bitcoin, only to get there, having done without my breakfast and even coffee, to find out that they were not rolling it out to all stores.

I was pretty annoyed, and walked home in a sulk.

Today, I went in, only to find that they have quietly rolled it out locally, at last!

I asked to speak to the supervisor to make sure that the sign was right and he said “yeah, sure”, so i went to get a DVD.

As I queued up again a store assistant aproached me and asked if I was the guy looking to purchase with Bitcoin.

Well, Durr…

“You have to register, on the website, to be able to purchase with it in store”

Do what?

So, off I trotted, went home with an almost dead battery, and registered on the website, thinking "this is odd, but hey, whatever, I get to be first, so who cares.

He#d told me I’d have to “pre load” my account, which seemed a bit off, but what do I know. So I registered, and lo and behold, there is no pre load option, only the standard checkout option.

Now my phone is charging and I’m about to head back down there to try again. It seems, despite being “trained”, they have no idea what the hell it is, or how the hell it works.

Guess I’ll have to explain it to them.

Small price to pay to be the first person to use it to make a purchase in a bricks and mortar establishment in Portsmouth, I guess :smile:

Will update when I get back and let you lot know how easy\difficult they’ve made the whole process.


Ah cool!! Funny as I was in the Cambridge branch not just two days ago wondering what the processes were. I suspect they’re doing the KYC bit via the website hence the registration.

Bit OTT if you ask me but then again, with verification they can up your limits of spend. This whole AML/KYC thing is a phenomenal ballache and considering we have stories of people having their Swiss bank accounts delivering bags of cash, fiat is far more useful to launder your gains, especially when the bank is helping you do it, I’m looking at you too HSBC… so it really grinds my gears we have to go through this BS to do simple transactions.

The BTM’s we are deploying have to have a webcam attached so they can take a pic of the user during a purchase… more BS but has to be done… arse!!!

Good luck BTW :slight_smile: looking forward to the final report !


Makes sense. :slight_smile:

Small price to pay to be the first person to use it to make a purchase in a bricks and mortar establishment in Portsmouth, I guess

Take some pictures :slight_smile:


I thought it seemed a bit ludicrous that I should have to register with them to be able to spend my money.

When I went back down there with a charged phone I took my DVD to te counter and said “right, let’s do this” :smile:

Poor guy looked very uncomfortable. Still, he spent a few seconds going through an eail he’d been sent, then went through the checkout process, then back to his emails, then back to the checkout process. In the end I asked him to turn the screen around so I could guide him through it.

A few seconds later I was taking him step by step through the process, including showing him my phone, and explaining bit by bit how it works. We got the QR code up, I scanned it and hey presto, through it went, instant confirmation.

I’ve contacted Cex to let them know that the training their staff received could be improved. It consisted of just one guy taking a phone call and being guided through a transaction on their system, with an email to follow up and remind him how it works.

If he hadn’t been there I’d not have been able to make my purchase. As it happens, the only reason I could is because I know what I’m talking about. If I’d have been a newbie then it wouldn’t have happened.

It wasn’t the largest purchase, but then I only had about £40 in BTC on the phone and I don’t buy DVDs and CDs any more, so I gave it straight to my girlfriend as a gift anyway, but still, nice to get the first ever bricks and mortar purchase :slight_smile:


That’s a really great breakdown thanks!! :slight_smile: And it highlights the common problem I think we all find is that while we may well be versed in the vagaries of the tech and its use, the normal people out there just don’t get it and need more education.

Training is and always has been one of my core concerns and deliverables (former trainer myself) within Bitcoin are only do able if people get it… gentlemen… we have much work to do!!

Thanks again for your time on this one, very valuable :slight_smile:


No problem, it was good to be able to provide some insight for everyone here about the challenges facing adoption :smile:

For what it’s worth, they replied on twitter and asked me to email them any suggestions and queries, and here is what I’m considering proposing to them:

A simple three step process,

Step one: Give each store one tablet dedicated to the purpose of being a POS device. This is infinitely more desirable than them having to turn the desktop monitor around so that I can scan the QR code.

Step two: Pay me to go in to their stores and spend between one and two hours running through the process of paying by bitcoin, in person, as well as giving them some information about what it is and how it works. This is better than an email and single phone call “training” just one person, who may not even be on shift hen a customer turns up wanting to use bitcoin.

Step three: Have the people I teach run through the process with each of their other members of staff who may not be there when i go in. It minimises the time they need to pay me for and maximises the number of people they have who are knowledgeable and capable of handling these payments as well as giving the staff that I teach further experience using bitcoin and improving their confidence levels when it comes to dealing with customers who turn up wanting to use it.

Will give this more thought before replying to them tomorrow and if you or anyone else has any suggestion how I might better offer to serve them I’d be glad to hear them :slight_smile:


That’s really cool :smile:

You have some good ideas there and definitely the kind of thinking this business needs.

Chase them up, push it!

Also find out what systems they’re currently using… i.e. Ingenico card systems? NCR tills? that kind of thing as there are some big changes coming with some of these manufacturers.

Keep it up!!


That’s he spirit! You’ve educated him on Bitcoin payments. WTG! :slight_smile: