Cigar Fans!


So, we’ve got a Burger thread, we’ve got a beer thread but… who’s smoking cigars?

A good friend of mine is deep into cigars and he also has one of the largest G+ communities.

Check out his website and the community.

Here’s my favorite smoke…

Official iROBUSTO Cigar Thread

I smoke several kinds but I’d have to say that the two below are my favorite:

And I know Swisher Sweets may seem a little low brow but they have sentimental value for me so I enjoy them as well:


I like the Cohiba despite it being a rather heavy cigar. My favorite is the Montecristo since I’m a fan of blonde tobacco and with the Cohiba being rather dark it’s a bit heavy on my aged lungs. Great cigar nevertheless. Where is the Acid from? Never heard of it.


I don’t like heavy tobaccos usually but I like a kicker sometimes LOL. The ACID cigars are lighter and have an Anise flavor. Here’s a little info on them:

ACID cigars are all-handcrafted using the world’s finest tobaccos with over 140 botanicals, herbs and essential oils to produce their unique flavor and aroma. The only way to understand ACID cigars is to experience them. Rolled in Connecticut, Sumatra, Maduro and African wrappers (depending on the style you choose), like all Drew Estate cigars, the construction is flawless. Unlike any cigar you’ve ever smoked before or will ever smoke again. Just remember: It’s not a cigar - it’s an ACID.

Really nice cigar to enjoy while drinking liqueurs.

Here’s the manufacturer’s website if you’d liek to know more -


I’d like to add, as far as I remember you don’t want to store ACID cigars with other cigars. I never read up on it, but I’d heard that it ruins the other cigars.


Yeah because of the essential oils used in the making; you should keep them in their own humidor. The Anise is strong enough to “bleed over”


Okay so they sure aint going into my humidor. I’ll check those out anyway (if I can get them here) though I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of anise.


My preference:


Here’s to simpler times.


I’ll have to try those. Are they by any chance connected to Hector “Macho” Camacho? :slight_smile: Glad to see you’re out of the hospital :+1:

Yeah, these were the very first cigar I ever smoked. I was 18 when I started smoking them. I was the only 18 year old out on our town’s cruising strip that was smoking cigars at that time I think LOL.


I like the “infamous” :slight_smile:


Thanks and no, they aren’t related. I do remember watching him box, but I was a fan of Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini.

You have to try the “Ditka” if you can find them.


I’ve noted them down and will check with the local store next time I’m in town.


Not the most expensive, but I enjoy them anyhow.


In the last few years I learned that a cigar doesn’t have to be expensive to be good. The Spanish Partagas for example is very affordable and it’s a great cigar.


The Rum Runner looks interesting too :slight_smile:


The wife unit lets me smoke Rum Runners in the house, the rest not so much. :slight_smile:


There are a lot of inexpensive cigars that are good, but then again I’ve had some that tasted like old shoe leather.


Exactly! Hence my love of Swisher Sweets. I also dig Backwoods cigars but mostly because they remind me of the ones that Eastwood smoked in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly LOL. As long as they have good flavor and don’t come unwrapped while you’re smoking them then I will try it. @DumbRedneck … The Rum Runners… are they aromatic? The only reason I could see the wife unit allowing it in the house. I find most females don’t mind cigars that have a pipe tobacco smell or that dont’ smell like burning garbage hehe


My wife hates them. The only way I enjoy mine is either at my friend’s house for poker night or when I’m outside or in my workshop. She still complains about the smell in my workshop and I have to keep reminding her that it’s my space and I’m not in the house.


My cave… back off LOL. Yeah most females I have been around don’t mind the ones that smell like pipe tobacco or a fragrant smell. Kind of like the ACID Anise flavor. But I imagine 80% of women could do without them no matter what the flavor