Clash of Clans


I don’t have much of an attention span to play super involved and time consuming games…the doctor says it is some sort of attention problem. But I do love to play me some Clash of Clans. If anyone else is in the game, post your base and maybe we can talk some strategy…here is my current base setup:


Your way farther than me but I will catch up someday.


Ya, have been playing for a while. This is pretty much the only game I play…don’t have the attention span to sit for hours on end with the other games. This I can come and go as I please.

I really like how actively they develop this game. Always new, fun updates every month or so. The new features they come out with are always engaging. And the sound effect…are pretty hilarious!

If there were enough players here we could put together a GetHashing clan!


I’m in, about to upgrade my Town Center to lvl 7


If we could get 10 or more folks, I would be 100% in. Want to make sure we have enough in the clan to make Clan Wars a reality and fun.

It is always exciting upgrading to a new town hall…new weapons and traps and new troop levels. Just waiting for the upgrades is the hardest part!


I’ve been playing for a little bit. @nemesio, Don’t upgrade your Town Hall too quick. Upgrade everything you have first. I messed up by trying to upgrade the Town Hall all the way to 9 without upgrading everything else first. And I suggest only researching wizards and giants at first. Get those to level 5.

On another note, I’ve been playing Samurai Siege for a while. Except I haven’t done anything but collect and upgrade. Since I didn’t upgrade the portal, I don’t get attacked. So far I have all the production, storage and castle maxed out. Now it’s on to the weapons, troops, etc. I wish I would have done this with COC.


Yea i have everything else up, now it’s the town hall’s turn.


I quit playing CoC when i got into Crypto. My name was ATC. Someone else bought it from me and its changed hands a few times since.
At one time i was the 2nd to the leader for a top 2 clan. We had been #1 before that for 11 mths. It was a ton of fun…but I got really stressed out as I spent a ton of money on CoC and as much as 15 hrs a day playing. I sold my account and built a smaller account under this name -ATCkit. I tried to be a farmer but ended up spending $$ again and got into a top 20 clan. Then i knew I was too addicted and quit for good.
I should take a peak and see where all my ole friends are at. Some used to be in the top 10. One of them was number 1 for a long time. They made my spending habits seem meager -LOL. These guys had strategies down to an Art.


I’d never spend money on that game. I started playing Samurai Siege because of George/Jorge Yao.


Jorge Yao was a huge cheater…so was that whole clan (North44). That’s how they got ahead of us (Bonbee Canada) way back in the day. One of their guys got booted from N44 and came to us and explained the 'Cheap Shield" strategy. It took Supercell about a year to come with a solution to stop itI don’t even know how effective the solution was.


Lol! I’m not that into it. I was just Googling one day and came across his name and that he was helping out with Samurai Siege so I thought I’d start on that.


LOL- for us , he and N44 were public enemy number 1. I’m gonna download the app just to see what everyone’s up to. If you don’t hear from me again on GH, it’s because i got lost in COC world again-lol.


This is crazy:

When i opened it, i had just won a def with +20. Now i have not been on the game for at least a year. since i’m clanless and am not loading my crossbows or infernos or filling my cc, i expected it was losing all the time and was down to about 10 trophies. But I’m at 2057. i can’t believe it.


LOl- I thought Clayton was quitting at one point…but there he is with Mega still on top. a lot of the old gang from Bonbee are still with him…NNK, Sharon Stone, P Ray, checo, Titan Mars…


This is crazy. I remember reading about Jorge Yao and that interview (can’t remember which site had it) about how much he played. I have never used actual cash on the game, have throw some BTCs at some iTunes gift cards. But if you have been playing long enough, you can get pretty far spending no money. I know a lot of the people high up on the champions list used to gem troops for the next battle…that has to get expensive quick.

It is an addicting game to say the very least. But it is also cool that you don’t have to be on it 24/7 to still progress and enjoy it. But to stay up at the top, I could see that being expensive and time consuming.


Yup- I knew a ton of guys/gals who would gem every raid and do several raids in one sitting. I did it too for a few months. I spent about thousands of dollars on the game. Others were going way harder than I was. I couldn’t keep up as it was gonna bankrupt me. I swear that some of those top players must own an oil well or gold mine or whatever. I can tell you for sure that one I knew when I was in Bonbee,Mega came from very wealthy families. I didn’t get to know Quantum guys as well as i finally gave up by then and sold my base to one of them. I did meet Sub30 once. He seemed like a fair minded guy.


clash of clans auto farming!!! great app for free download!!

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You clash of clan players should really check out goldentowns, it is the same type of game but the game gold you earn has a real gold/euro value. PM me for ref link because yes, the game mechanics use refs as part of the tax system. When I buy my own island, I will be setting up some good bonuses for my citizens.