[CLOSED] ~200 (or smaller) ghx @ 0.018


Looking to sell up to 200 GHX @ (edit)0.018(edit) each. I’m fine with splitting it up. We can do escrow if required.

Edit: I’m done adjusting for this btc rate, lol, price in bitcoin now.


What exchange rate are you using ?
Using coindesk, 0.24 gets me 13 coins. Is that acceptable ?


Yep, PM sent


Thanks very much :smile:
Quick and easy, no escrow required.


You keeping the price at $5 or you willing to adjust to the slumming BTC rate?


I’ll be back to deal with the btc rate after I stop day-trading this xpy stunt :laughing:


Adjusted a bit.


Hi again,
12 coins for 0.208104 ok ?


Hey @headrush ,

Sorry, but that would put me selling at a loss even with what I’ve mined to date according to my spreadsheet (in btc). The fluctuations in btc were screwing up the pricing in USD. I’ve adjusted the title to just list in btc.


That’s ok. It is up and down a bit.
I would like 10 at that price if I can ?


Another successful trade with @headrush. Thank you, sir :smiley:


Thank you :smile:
I’m aiming to be a 1%er :sunglasses:


Quick and smooth transaction, thanks @astro :wink:


Thank you, sir. :slight_smile:


Thanks again for the smooth transaction @astro! :slight_smile:


Hi @astro do you have any more coins left?


PM sent


PM me as well, please? :slight_smile:


I DM’ed you on Slack :slight_smile: