[closed] GHcoins 77.9 $5.50/Coin





I was hoping for 2 moons


I know right!? Also he should throw in some wolves with it.

On to the subject though. No one has declared any rate really right now since the project has been only running for a couple days.

What is your asking price per coin?


ive decieded my price is


I would be interest in these.
Please let me know what you are looking for in exchange via PM :+1:


Me as well. Whatever you decide. PM me


I want some too. PM send


Okay I guess I’ll get in line too.
PM with your asking price.
I probably won’t buy them all. So you can sell to each of us at different prices.


@ this point im not interested under $7


I’ll take them all @$7 each when I get home later :smile:

About 4-5 hours or so?


Was around 3.5$/GHx last week, I pass


Only $7 for your coins?!? I believe they’re worth at least $20 each, if anyone wants mine that’s the starting bid!

…when Bitcoin hits $500 US :wink:


Shows how much attention I’m paying!
How about $6 each then unless anyone has a better offer?

I also have to find these other folks selling :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Would like to buy some as well this sunday.


I have two bids for $7 already. I am in no rush to sell now, but if the price is right…


Naa GHX was never $3.50, ICO was $4.20 with BTC around $210 at that time.


You know how to do good business :smile:

I should have bought more :frowning:


are you willing to sell a FEW coins? or is it all 77.9 in one lump sum or nothing?


I’m a man driven by money. You tell me!