Closed Poll: What is your background?


People in crypto come from very different backgrounds. Many are IT/IS specialists, web designers, graphic artists, and other professions or hobbyists. This poll will help determine the demographic makeup of crypto enthusiasts here in GH.

  • Information Technology
  • Information Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Software Coder/Developer
  • Web Design
  • Graphics Artist
  • Logistics Support
  • Education
  • Still In School/Hobbyist
  • Retired/Hobbyist
  • Other Vocational

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Sorry, I had to add telecom in the list… LMAO


Hmm no all of the above selection.


Well, no wonder you sleep so little, if you are “all of the above.” Maybe I should have included “Jack of All Trades” as a choice? LMAO


Sleep is overrated.


Hmm, Most of those fall under a hobby for me but professionally i’m in sales. No selection suits me!


Other vocational?


You’re not allowed to read and respond. :slight_smile:


Sales is generally in all categories really. I am a telecom auditor, and I own the company. Sales is a very large part of what I do when acquiring clients. You have to be able to sell your expertise. IT folks have to sell their expertise as well, otherwise they are broke IT folks. :smiley:


Not what I would call my most scientific poll for research purposes. If people see the makeup of the forum overall, they will post here first to ask for help on projects they are working on, than going elsewhere. Plus, it gives people an idea of how concentrated one field is in the crypto world. I have always thought that many in this industry are IT types.


I cant vote both I am IT and telecommunications


I guess I’m a nobody since I’m just a lowly blue collar worker.


I am also in telecom, but I am more of the coder than anything else. I audit client account coding to capture overcharging for unused services, as well as contract/tariff compliance issues relating to such.


“Other Vocational”


“other vocational”? Why not just call it ‘blue collar’ or an option for ‘when into the military instead of finishing college’?


Blue collar is a very generic class. Many people who work in Telecom could also be deemed Blue Collar (Like the Wichita Lineman for instance). The category is a catchall for the millions of non-techy careers people could be in.

I was going through a placement website last night. You would be surprised how many different types of “Management Consultants” there are out there. Everything has become so niche-oriented that the term “Management Consultant” no longer is specific enough. Many jobs also include some level of both white and blue collar work.



I picked “other vocational” since there isn’t a “other professional” section.

Technically I’m an accountant by learning but dabble in many other areas of business :+1:


I worked as a chef for over 40 years. Retired now and turned organic gardener


You are the true backbone of society!