stats from coinprism wallet?


Sorry to be a n00b. I bought some GHX using a coinprism wallet and then recently I saw someone post this picture:

And I’d really like to know how I can see this info.

I’m assuming it is somewhere on the website?

Is there a way to get the stats for my GHX even though I’m using a coinprism wallet or do I need to send my GHX over to the wallet?


Click Total Payments Received next to the asset Icon to get that page.

You can import the coinprism asset address in your Assets page in the GHcloud by adding it to the Asset addresses in the settings on that page. Comma separated addresses if more than one.

You can do the same for any particular asset, and if you have several GHX addresses, you can add them (csv again) to the page when you click Total Payments Received. There is an input for previous addresses.


It’s very simple.
go to create an account
then import the private key from coinprism into ghcloud
coinprism backup -> unencrypted backup select the private key belongin to the address where ghx is stored then import that in ghcloud
after about 10 minutes you should see the assets in the assets page


Another way to do this is create a ghcloud account and move the ghx to that account then after the first payment hist the total dividen payments link will appera and you can link your old address to the address with the previous addres box on the details page.


One quick note: the address to save as a prior address is the BTC address of the prior wallet, not the asset address.


Yep that is correct since we are dealing with btc payouts here it really does not make sense to add an asset address.


I’ve got the backup of the coinprism wallet. What I can’t figure out is “then import that in ghcloud”… :wink:

Can you tell me more specifically what to look for?

Edit: I got it! I was looking for the “assets” tab… :wink:


I think @Daffy got confused. Private key importing is still on the dev cloud and hasn’t been pushed yet.

You can simply add your Coinprism address on the settings screen on GHcloud.

It will show your stats on the GHcoin page. You can then either create a new BTC address on GHcloud and make that an asset address and transfer your GHX over. If you do that you’ll have to add the BTC address associated to your current asset address on the ROI tracker to include it in your stats.

Not sure when we will be pushing the key import since there is quite a few other fixes and updates that go into the next cloud update.


Awesome. I think I have it.


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