Coin Switching - LIMITED BETA



You may see on the “Getting Started” area of the Pool Site that we have enabled a Coin Switching Pool, at this moment in time its in a very limited BETA, as such you will not be able to mine there without a specially formulated Private Key.

I will keep you all updated when/if we roll this out further.



Nice Animo!

Perhaps it would be a good idea to add the private key info to the pool? Also (just to rock your boat)… :wink:


…crawls back into his cave to work on… the other thing…


The Key Generation stuff is there :wink: Just hidden :stuck_out_tongue:


Any update on the coin-switching pool? I’d be willing to help test it if you need more testers. Just mining the neoscoin pool.


You just need to request a key from @AnimoEsto with the payout addresses of the coins you want to mine on the auto-switch.