, anyone heard of it?


This site must have popped up when I clicked to read the CCN article about cryptsy and the prime controllers. The concept is interesting, just wondering if anyone has heard of it. I have no desire to be a day trader, so I won’t be using the site. But if it is legit, could be a decent place for an up and coming crypto coin trader.


I signed up. Will report back.


Interesting. Seems play money based (for now) so don’t see any risk. Will sign up too and report back :slight_smile:


I may have a very “little” bit of desire to learn day trading. I will certainly appreciate any and all feedback. If it is a user friendly way of learning to day trade, I would consider giving it a try. If it’s super involved…I don’t have that much desire. I understand that it’s not easy to be good at it, but it may be easy to learn how to do, I don’t know that or not.


Check out the site then. If you don’t have to deposit anyway then doing some trading with play money is perfect to get started. Few years ago when I first started with Forex I spend a couple of weeks just trading with demo accounts on different sites. It gives you an understanding of the very basics and you can play with stuff like setting stop loss conditions or take profit conditions etc without risking any money.

throw in a couple of tutorials and a bit of investopedia reading and some trading strategy discussions and you’re on your way. :wink: