CoinFest 2016


Ha ha, perhaps Ill ask my wife to come too then to keep her company while we ramble on LOL


I can already see the expression on their faces lmao

Are you on telegram?


Telegram, is that like Whatsapp?


Yeah, looks pretty much the same, but it’s not owned by MZ or BG, and it syncs across all your devices, which is handy - they just upgraded their groups feature & I’m in a couple of groups on there now

There’s also a couple of wallets, my preferred one is GetGems (or just Gems)


Cool, I’ll check it out


I’m not a developer, nor an investor, I can’t create a new coin & I can’t create Dapps, but what I can do is write…and talk.

Yup. If there’s one thing I’m good at it’s rambling on and hardly pausing for breath.

Hey, work to your strengths, right? :laughing:


Arrived in Manchester last night, up first thing this morning doing some last minute prep…

Got to say, never been to Manchester before & I really like this place, with all of the canals & rennovated industrial revolution canal side factories, there’s so much history here it’s a shame I won’t have time to explore.


First workshops done, I actually kept going for 90 minutes, quite impressed lol

Here’s the table :slightly_smiling:



Ooo, this is nice :slightly_smiling:



Well, back home and after a good night’s sleep I can honestly say that that was damn good fun.

Huge thanks to @lothendriel & @mharter for the support, hopefully some of these emails I’be had since will lead to great things :slightly_smiling:

Thanks to @Vizique & Heliopay too for kitting out my table with a huge amount of swag :slightly_smiling:

@Ilan1 it was an absolute pleasure to meet you, I’ll be back in Manchester one day for the tourist thing, I loved it up there. When that happens I’ll let you know & we’ll grab that beer :slight_smile:

All in all I spoke to loads of people, helped guide several people, gave a number of folk their first ever bit of bitcoin, managed to save another person from the onecoin scam & met loads of folk doing loads of cool things in the industry.

I’m especially interested in what Dan of eMunie is doing, more on that later in a separate thread though - if he’s achieved what I think he has then he’s done something pretty special.


@BoB it was great to meet you also, agreed it was a fab day and eMunie is def one to watch, Dan was pretty inspiring and I for one will be keeping an eye it this one, very original Alt coin especially as it is a coin that adjusts itself to the demand (or lack of it) in the marketplace to keep the price stable really interesting stuff! Look forward to catching up with you when you are next in town :grinning:


So glad U made it,

Great to meet a GetHasher offline!


It was a pleasure to be a part of the whole gig :slightly_smiling:


157 days since this topic was last posted in…the events the following month led me to believe that CoinFest was likely to b the high point of my year, but somehow or another I seem to have turned things around.

T’was indeed a great fun event, and I’m really happy to be able to say that I’m going back in April next year, while one of the chaps I met up there this year is going to be running education sessions in the CoinFestUK Wales event :slight_smile:

Not that many months to go now…really…

Haha, it’s actually just really made me smile looking back at this post :slight_smile: