Coinjar Swipe


Well finally some good news Coin Jar a service that provides an excellent online wallet has finally started rolling out the second round of there Debit card. The platform is easy to use and deposits are instant as you use there market for an instant transfer. As far as I know this is only available in Australia at this stage, but as Coin Jar has recently moved their business to the UK, I would imagine that they will look at a solution for the UK.

I should be getting my card within 5 days and will finally have a real world way of using crypto.

EDIT: The program is still by invite only and I registered about 4 months ago.





Tank got you covered


Heck yeah Bubba! Congrats to you m’friend. Finally eh? LOL


From what I’ve read it’s only EFTPOS not cc. I may be wrong, but still this is great!


Yes you are correct however has ATM access, And from what I see it has instant transfer, I have a Book Maker account that works on the same principle when you win you can transfer directly within your account and funds are immediately available.
So cash from BTC instantly sounds good to me and a 1% fee only.


Excellent, looking forward to a more widespread release in the future then!


And the US gets the shaft again! (sarcasm)


They say that Australia is the lucky country


Very luck country. Please come via biat you will get playstaion 5 and iphone 7 and a house


How did this turn out?


Should have the card in a few days


Now publicly available :smile:


Have received an email and my card is on its way. I see the general public will have o pay 29.95 for a card, I got mine for freeeee


Me toooooo :slight_smile:


My card has been delivered and is active, the transfer between Coinjar to the swipe card is instant. This now completes ways for me to spend my small BTC earnings


Sweet man, I should get mine next week then I hope. For 3 years I have been looking forward to buying a coffee at my local shop near work with crypto. It is finally about to happen :smiley:


See new sign ups have to pay $29.95 each


Yea I did, glad we got in early. Still I would pay that to get one of the first btc debit cards.