EDIT: I think I’ve changed my mind about

EDIT: Been mining HYPER for days with multi Th/s of rented rigs, and things aren’t working out so very well. See bottom of thread

First time I’ve mined at It looks like a great multi-pool that pays out in your choice of a variety of currencies. You don’t even have to register.

I started mining here because one of the currencies they pay out in is HYPER, which is a PoS coin only. A comment by @Daffy in another thread just got me interested in it.


I’ve been mining there for a bit. Cool thing is that if you register then you can have any coin you mine auto-converted into any other coin. I had a few coins auto-converted to HYPER not too long ago. Nice interface and cool options


Just rented a Gethashing 2.3 Th/s rig and pointed it there. Not sure tho - it might be cheaper to just go out and buy 1000 hyper to test this out as try to mine them.

Watch out tho @nemesio and @cyberdexter - I seem to kill every rig I’ve rented so far…


Wow bub!! You put that in a staking wallet and you’ll be kickin it live! :slight_smile:


A nice, really clean interface. I like it.


I’m going to point one of my little miners here for a bit - I kept meaning to take a butchers hook at Hyper and haven’t got around to it yet, testing coinking seems like a pretty good excuse to get around to it :slight_smile:


I used to find this pool hopeless. Now i use it as my main backup for my wee scrypt miner when its not rented. It is now generally the highest paying scrypt multipool. check out its ranking compared to others here:

Also, if you have a registered account, you can set up your own “Custom Multiport” with coins of your choice. I really like that feature.
I don’t use this pool for sha256 mining tho. I find it better to mine straight btc on Westhash or BitAffNet. I did setup a custom multiport with 5 sha coins on coinking…but it didn’t do as well as the other 2 pools i mentioned.


I’ll check that pool out too Redacted. Let’s see if it is a “rig breaker” cause you’re like the only one who keeps bringing the GHrigs down :slight_smile:

Anyway, I need some HYPER as well and I like LTCD as well. So I’ll check it out tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!


I like but I am starting to wonder about their support. I put in a ticket a week ago about a stuck HYPER withdraw and I have heard nada. I put in another ticket attempt so we shall see.


I’ve had my orbs on there for just over a day, and while I seem to have made progress, the coins (Hyper) went from unconfirmed to unconverted, and now just seem to be decreasing in quantity without moving to pending or my wallet. Don’t know what to think about it. I have an account there, but it has become locked, and to unlock it they have to send an email. It says “sent” but never arrives. So YMMV. I’m mining direct to my wallet address at the moment.


Glad to see I’m still waiting on the Hyper blockchain to download now and haven’t already switched over.

If you guys get a resolution then maybe I’ll start using them, all the while you’re posting like that though I’ll stick to other pools.


Yeah, I switched the orbs back to nicehash. They are actually profitable there, pity I don’t have a few thousand of them :smile:
I’ve been syncing the hyper blockchain for 2 days now, only 78,900 blocks to go …
(And that’s with the bootstrap)


I seem to have stuck HYPER coins sitting at “unconverted” also. I guess that I’ll open a ticket about it as well tonight. I just bought a batch from Bittrex - any idea how long they have to sit before starting to stake?


I started with 934.932174 HYPER and it took two days to stake. On my first stake from that amount I got 2.051506 HYPER. I need some more HYPER. I want to push this wallet to its limits LOL.


I am in CoinKing’s IRC right now as well trying to raise someone. The room seems to be pretty quiet even though there’s a list of folks in the room


Have you had any luck? I got impatient and decided that I’d rather just start mining there…if I lose 24-48 hours mining then it’s no biggy…

Looking forward to getting a bit of hyper trickling into my wallet over the next days hopefully :slight_smile:


No one answered me in IRC. I let the window stay up 10 minutes. No answer on my first ticket either which was submitted a week ago. I submit a second one so we shall see


It appears the minimum withdrawal of Hyper is 100. It was showing 0 when I started, but just looked now and it’s changed to 100. Could take some time to reach that even if they move to pending.


Yes, especially since the amount of my “unconverted” keeps decreasing - from 92+ down to 72 as of last night. It’s back up to 80 after mining all night.

I’m rapidly changing my opinion about this site.


How much hashrate did you point at it ?