Coinprism and Trezor


From the Coinprism Blog:

Last November, we have announced support for offline transaction signing using Armory. Many people have started using that feature to secure valuable assets and funds on cold storage. We are now going even further with secure cold storage, and we excited to announce today support for TREZOR cold storage on Coinprism.

TREZOR announced three weeks ago a firmware update enabling smart property support. We are happy to be the first “Bitcoin 2.0″ platform to integrate this into our product.

What does this mean?

What this all means is that you are now able to secure both Bitcoins, and colored coins assets in cold storage, and spend them easily using your TREZOR, directly from the Coinprism website. In addition, you can also store asset issuance keys on your TREZOR, and ensure re-issuance of the asset cannot be done without physical access to the TREZOR. Finally, features like dividends, voting and automated crowd sales are all compatible with TREZOR as well.

How to start using Coinprism with your TREZOR?

Check out this tutorial on the Coinprism blog.


I just saw a tweet of this too. This has pushed me over the edge will have to buy a a Trezor now :slight_smile:


Yeah I’m considering this too.


I was just looking at that as well.
Thanks for sharing :smile:


Very cool put who needs a Trezor if you can have it in your Salt…ooops… :stuck_out_tongue:


Been waiting for something like this, thanks for the info!


I have a trezor but I just don’t trust it yet. I don’t know why.
It is simple and send secure but it makes me uneasy.
This is good news though. I will try it out though.