Colored coin setup own account?


I want to create a colored coin.
Its better for new asset to create a new account in coinprism?


No need read this for an introduction in how to set it up.

And the coinprism support center with a lot of docs.


In coinprism, you just go to create color.

It’ll create a separate address in the drop down list.

When you create an additional colored address you can easily transfer the funds in and out to your main coinprism address.

It is actually pretty neat. I’m enjoying setting up my asset.

Or just follow what @Daffy says. Can’t go wrong. :wink:


Yes have read about create a asset and near understood.
At this moment I have account in coinprism, there are different assets which I have bought.

Now its better to create a new in coinprism for the new coin or hold all in one account.
May be a own account for the asset for better overview?


Nope it’s better to manage them all in one account.


Quoted For Truth

I think you can actually have (according to their outdated forums) 25 addresses created by your account, so there shouldn’t be any worry about space/etc. I’ve been playing around creating assets to see what I want to try to release. Heading towards a Staking/Mining or Investment/Trading “coin”… or maybe just combine em all together… :hushed:


Why its better to manage all in one acc?
What are the advantages or disadvantages?


Logging in and out of multiple accounts is not very useful why would you need multiple accounts when one will work.


yes you are right, thx


I will also a little play with creation of assets and see how it works. thx


One account has all of your addresses linked. You can easily move funds into and out of your colored coin as needed.

Plus, as @Daffy has said, they would all be at your fingertips instead of having to login logout, etc etc.


Just create a new colored address in coinprism and that’s it. I would also suggest creating one or more additional BTC addresses for easier account management.


now workout and have created a coin