Colu Asset add-on for Copay Wallet Released


[quote] is happy to announce the release of their open-sourced version of the Copay wallet, which allows users to receive, send, and issue digital assets based on Colu’s new implementation.

Click here for the wallet (Beta)
Click here for the Github repository

Copay is an open-source multisig wallet developed by BitPay and allows a robust and multi-platform Bitcoin experience. The reasoning behind using a fork of Copay instead of creating an entire wallet was to allow a quick release of the Colored Coins feature to the community and to build on top of a stable a well-adopted open-source project – and Copay was the best choice.

This would not have been possible without the cooperation of our friends at BitPay, who really helped us to achieve this integration. We hope to continue exploring the potential for Colored Coin wallets, and are happy to improve the digital asset experience within Copay.

“Copay was built as an open-source platform so the community could build upon, and innovate with, true bitcoin wallet technology. It’s great to see a wallet that supports both bitcoin and colored coins within the same application.” – Tony Gallippi, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of BitPay.


Our Copay fork will allow any developer to easily add a new “Assets” tab in the bottom of his Copay wallet without any code. This was achieved by using AngularJS plugin module, which allowed us to leverage the wallets capabilities and the Colored Coins API.

By using Copay, we are not only allowing users to start experimenting with digital assets, but also showcasing new features never seen in the Colored Coins space. Users will be able to store and manage digital assets with a shared wallet in addition to having a multi platform wallet that can be used on any device – so your digital assets can easily be accessed through your PC and your smartphone in one unified experience.

This wallet, together with our block explorer (Which will be released very soon to our Github) and API, is a fully open source Bitcoin 2.0 platform. Our vision is for the community to find original use cases and build more Colored Coins platforms using our code, so this new layer of digital assets on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain with interoperable tools will become a reality.

Important: This project is in beta and will require more testing for a stable version. You can start experimenting at your own risk.[/quote]

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Nice to see more rolling out of coloured coin wallets, shame colu have taken the approach they have regarding their attitude towards other implentations but all the same, it’ll expose more people to the idea of using smart assets


I agree. More awareness is good, regardless of implementation.

Honestly, though, Colu and OpenAssets are extremely similar, in terms of raw protocol details. I’d almost call Colu an extension of OA.


I would agree which is kinda odd for, you know…