Colu Engine


Just read an article on about an Interview: Colu Partners With Revelator

Has anyone come across this Colu Engine before?


Yes, @gerrit posted an interesting link here:

We don’t really need yet another assets protocol especially not one that wants to be “the new standard” like BitcoinXT’s desire for BTC. Read the reddit, you find some interesting comments by the other asset protocol developers.


Thanks, I’ll give it a read now :grinning:


Do we have any active wikipedia editors in here?

This could do with a spot of editing. A bit bloody cheeky if you ask me.


Okay, so I popped my wikipedia cherry today and made my first ever edit :slightly_smiling:

Updated, I believe you can still see what changes I made


Nice editing :wink:


Cheeky little fecker has gone back through and edited out a load of the stuff I added.


Yeah wikipedia is run by a bunch of morons that are very protective of their own work and let nobody so much as add new information that is important.


Figures. Don’t want to give away a free wikipedia back-link… cause those rank very well…