Come back after a long time


Hi, I have logged in today after a long time. Little bit confused that whats going on…what is the current condition of Assets…What about ASIC, gotram, GHX etc…


ASIC died when LTCGear stopped paying for the second time.

Gotram was apparently in an accident, so while he is recovering, the state of his project is up in the air.

GHX is coming back from the dead after a long time being not profitable. The upgrade of the farm from S5->S7/Avalon6 is complete, but we’re still struggling to regain the profitability we had before. Lots of work being done, hopefully we see some results soon.


very sad about ASIC, Is it the good time to jump in?


Jump into what? GHX?


As @astro mentioned ASIC died with LTCGear.
Gotram was reported to be in an accident. Another family member has came onto the forum (@WOLF) and is attempting to correct anything. I suggest being highly patient with this process as it sounds like a lot of accounting needs to be done properly first. Then payouts can happen.
GHX is keeping its head above water. We’re mining half in BTC and ETH now. :smiley:


Posted an update today on where we currently sit on units and hashrate.


i mean is it the good time to buy GHX?


The family member has already made a payout for ASIC sharecoin.

This is the asset address to check for ASIC sharecoin:


There was a payout of the funds that hadn’t been sent out yet, but LTCGear has stopped paying out. The ASIC asset was funded by payouts from LTCGear.


I think so. It’s a little scary with the halving coming up, but there’s a lot of work being done and I think we will start seeing some benefit from it.


No, it was also funded by Progcoin which is still paying.


The ASIC share coin was started as an investment into LTCGear, which is no longer paying. The LTCGear accounts were bringing in 2-4 BTC a week. The other small stuff he has in that account are bringing in 0.01-0.02 BTC per week. ASIC has 129,000 coins issued to share that 0.02 BTC. ASIC’s primary underlying asset is no longer paying.


Of course, everyone knows that. I’m just pointing out that you were factually incorrect.
LTC Gear was technically a scam in December 2014.


it also revived, and began paying out for ‘maintenance paid’ accounts. Scam resuscitated itself and scammed again. This was what backed ASIC coin primarily, Progcoin doesn’t payout enough to make 129000 dividend payouts, it doesn’t meet minimum for that quantity


Yes, i think we’re all aware of that and the v2 reboot. Gotram added the Progcoin payout as a ‘bonus’ to the ASIC coin.
Jeez - people round here get hot under the collar for no reason.


I’m not upset, lol, I just think we have very different definitions of what a dead asset means :slight_smile: .

I’d consider an asset which has lost it’s primary backing to be dead, even if there are some residual transactions still happening. Nothing has been said that is worth getting upset over, lol.


Could someone share the break up of mining GHX?


Agreed. As i run the Progcoin asset, I just wanted to point out that the parrot is not completely extinct.
The inference was that ‘E’s not pinin’! 'E’s passed on! This parrot is no more! He has ceased to be! 'E’s expired and gone to meet 'is maker!



@nemesio did in his link in his other post above:


No idea who you are. Left and came back. I blinked,
Welcome back