Confirmed trusted escrowe list! Always use escrowe!



Please pm me you’re terms and conditions.

Please feel free to edit.

Terms & conditions for the escrowe:

5$ buyer/ 5$ seller (professional escrow)

@cyberdexter fee negotiabel (professional escrow)

@Daffy 2% of the value (professional escrow)

0% for games & giveaways (hobby escrow)

@taylan pending (professional escrow)
Variabel fees @ max 5%

Please feel free to add terms and conditions, i will update this list…


I thought we just created a topic with escrows and it was made a community wiki?


As you wish my friend :smiley::+1:


I was just asking, getting confused :confused: :wink:


I don’t want to confuse anybody, should i delete it?

Edit: please feel free to move/lock threade.

Thank you :smiley::+1:


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