Congraulations to you all


I have been trvelling around a little bit this week end. I logged on and it has been more than 24 hors since you know what coin and you know who threads have been used

Clap all round



I was thinking the same thing, it has been pretty quiet the last couple of days now. There is a lot of other good stuff on here though :slight_smile:


damn you we were going for a record and then you alluded to the coin that shall not be mentioned aaaahhhhhhh.




I mentioned this in a PM thread as well. With nothing going on over there (which technically is the norm) there is little material to work with in those two threads. We need new material.

“$20.00 Honors Programme:” blah blah blah
"Soon :tm:" blah blah blah
"JG in Belgium:" blah blah blah
"JG in prison:" blah blah blah…wait, yes, that is still doable.



I noticed that today and I was like :dancers: :dancers: hell yeah!!! :smile:

…and then @Allen1980s spoils it all by mentioning the thing again in this thread… :stuck_out_tongue:


Always out to oblige the masses. :smiley: