Crowdfunding Business Loans via Colored Assets


This has probably been mentioned or discussed, but I was just thinking about it and wanted to kick up some discussion.

Right now, you have Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and several other sites that do some sort of crowdfunding for perks. The other option, as a small business owner (or entrepreneur) is to accept money from investors and give them shares of your company in return.

How long until a site allows you to do this with Colored Coins? Since it’s easy to send dividends, and all ownership is handled on the blockchain, it would be a piece of cake to manage everything. All you would need at that point is a way to easily sell them, so developing an exchange that handles the colored coins would be important.

With that, though, you’d essentially become an IPO Stock Market.

Of course, there would be a ton of legal hurdles to overcome…


Yeah and I think most colored coins on here are being carefully worded and setup to avoid 3 letter agencies from getting involved so the setup of such an exchange would have to be handled very carefully

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Great article!


I was mainly thinking about this because of an idea that I had over the weekend, about starting a business. The business really wouldn’t cost much to start, maybe $35k - $45k, but getting that amount of money from a bank or from individual investors in your network could be tough.

It might be easier to issue 10,000 coins for $3 - $4 each, and then pay regular dividends on them. Of course, you’d need to have a ton of transparency, or a disinterested third party managing everything, just to keep everything legit.


Sounds like maybe a few agencies are sliding more towards crypto coming into the mainstream. Very nice article :slight_smile:


There is a service currently that is based on an alt coin which is “kind of” similar to this.

StartCoin - You can mine/trade these. I read up on this last year when it was released.

StartJoin - This is the Crowd-funding website where you can spend you START coins.


Oh, thanks for this.


Was it, per chance, and epiphany, like JG has when he wakes up and takes his first dump in the morning? :laughing: jk


All small businesses should be doing their own books, sending the end product to an accountant at the end of the year to certify. I do this presently. A) saves money as accountants are expensive to use for monthly ledger account entries, and B) The accountant has the ability to fix any mis-categorized entries, and issuing the applicable Schedule-Ks to all of the investors, which is actually required in such an arrangement.


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