Crypto alts


Yes you. We have everything we need right here, right now.

We and i mean WE collectively need to start our own company / crypto companies. We have the collective funding to do it. A co-op is the way to go. We have the talent, the funding, the ethics and morals.

Don’t be lazy, don’t be a naysayer. We can do this and be successful at it.


Here’s my suggestion to get the project started:

Decide what you want to be a part of in specific terms, make a long list.
Prioritize the list of things you want to accomplish, based on what you want to do the most.
List the tasks that would be required to complete your top priority.
Determine how the co-op should be managed, both in terms of decision making and accounting.

Take some time going over things in your head and then describe the process and the benefit in clear, simple terms. Present the specific business structure you’d be comfortable with, and tell us what role(s) you feel best qualified and experienced to fill.

I hear your enthusiasm, very clearly. However, I’m not available right to help right now and my crypto coin bankroll is fully engaged in other projects. That said, this should get the ball rolling. Good luck!


You’re welcome! Every project starts with one task. Since you’re leading the charge, plant a flag and let us know what matters most to you. Put a little thought into structure and then post a one-page business plan. That’s the best way to gather a team and get started.

Can you tell I’m a retired project manager? :wink:


So do we. What you think GH is doing?


I’m working something up myself. But I’m not prepared to recruit or hype until I have a demo product working.
Once that happens, I’ll be coming here to recruit some folks for testing, reviewing, breaking, and developing.

Heck, since it is a crypto venture, maybe I’ll even make use of colored coins to do equity distribution, if there is any interest.

BTW, my expertise is in database design, backend administration, and coding. I might as well be blind, for all the UI/UX design sense that I have.


Well go for it and start one then. GH already has a great and dedicated core team and of course there is a company behind it. You don’t buy hundreds of miners on a forum name.


I and a few other professionals/industry advocates who are not financially tied to any specific company within the crypto arena have started the language of something along the lines of a pseudo BBB for the crypto industry.

The Open Cryptocurrency Consortium (OCC)

To develop a transparent non-profit industry group (consortium) that would act as the collective voice of ALL existing and new cryptocurrencies (both large and small) ventures in order to:

• Establish a common understanding of the morals and ethics that will define the industry moving forward.
• Establish acceptable business policies and practices for existing and new industry players (members) that comply to all relevant laws and regulatory affairs.
• Become the primary resource, hub, and bridge between all industry players (members) and the regulatory bodies within the North American, Western Europe, and the Asia/Pacific regions.
• Act as the certification body that supports and maintains the positive face of the industry while also applying resources to resist and combat those who wish to discredit the industry with repetitive scams and deception.
• Identify and pursue other avenues of industry development that benefits the collective membership, which in itself will benefit each individual member’s endeavors.

My goal is to have the foundation of the OCC established by July/August of this year and welcome anyone who has a similar desire be a part of cleaned up version of this industry moving forward to contact me at I would then put your name on the list of parties we will contact when everything is ready to proceed.

Thank you,
Scott Booth


I agree with your sentiment 100%. We have a large number of highly qualified people on GH, and the combined talents amount to a formidable force to reckon with by any modern corporation/organization; growing daily.

I plan also to develop another business that will utilize the strategic advantages of crypto, to negate the concept of national borders. We live in a globalizing world, and global economic development is only just now beginning to materialize, but it is only benefiting multinational corporations. The real benefits of globalization are not benefiting national populations on even the remotest level.

Nations, and their governments, are ill prepared to prevent the reach of virtual organizations which utilize “crypto” as a global “currency vehicle.” Like some, I do not value crypto on the level of supply versus demand (valuations determined by market forces), but on its ability to instantaneously transfer wealth or value without the hindrance of governments or borders. There may be limitations imposed by governments in some countries, but these limitations have generally failed, and for obvious reasons.

Crypto-based and fueled globalization is the main key to the expansion of commerce throughout the world today, as it affords individuals and small businesses a form of participation that they otherwise would never have within their traditional arsenals.

Your statement, touching upon “needed services” is actually the principal foundation of any commercial entity. You establish a framework of a business model that caters to the needs of individuals and organizations alike. There exist a plethora of needs that go unfulfilled in the world today, many of these the result of rigid national borders. The European Union is an example of experimentation in varied borderless cultures, affording diverse national populations the ability to cross member state borders for the benefit of employment and other financial goals. Although this experiment is still under continued development, populations within this economic group of member states have enjoyed many benefits. However, the size of the combined entity is limiting from many different economic perspectives.

Many have already seen my intention to develop a global labour exchange. The crypto communities have a competitive advantage in the technologies that are being, or have been, developed. As part of this community, I am and have always been a geeky person; unafraid to experiment in the emerging technologies of the past four decades. However, as we have witnessed in recent years, many “geeky” or technology-based companies have failed, due in part to their capabilities being focused strictly in the technologies they have developed, with insufficient levels of experienced business management practices. Combining management science and experience with innovative technological development is the key to breaching the national border structures that limit the spread, and therefore benefits of developing technologies, to the grass roots level of global populations.

I do not want to write a book with this single response to your post, so I will leave it said that we both share the same idea and vision of what the GH membership portends. Originally, it was Hashtalk that had all the attributes necessary to propel business ideas around the world with unbelievable speed. However, Hashtalk was poorly managed, and the membership was not on equal footing with the organization that created it. It is with this experience that we now have the chance and opportunity to develop a new community that can “leverage” member skills, developing real world models that can be deployed with precision and efficiencies.

Count me in on this notion. :smiley:

@AnimoEsto @cyberdexter @Daffy @nemesio @keymaster

I propose we establish a permanent thread where people can upload or post their resumes, so that we can take inventory of everyone’s skill sets and experience in one location. Should be as text, so it can be searched readily.

This will really let all the members know who they can call upon to help develop businesses with the membership base we presently have. Moreover, many of us have diverse skills that can easily be aggregated towards specific purposes.


Very nice. Translation = build a business plan of sorts.

This is a skill that handy for any project, especially global ones.

If you think about it, all businesses can incorporate specific uses of crypto, from task payments to cross-border purchases.

I believe many here have very creative minds. I think we can effectively categorize GH as a very diverse culture with the abilities of becoming a major think tank. :smiley:


I will add to this thread the concept of market and demographic research. Many of these new coins come out without the remotest idea of how a specific demographic need is being addressed. Most do not address any specific need or fill any specific purpose.


If “The Blockchain” is truly as transformative as http (or other early internet protocols), then it’s probably safe to say that we are at the “create a webpage to see what happens” stage with new coins. I have to believe that most alts aren’t intended to address market needs but rather to experiment with the new technology or try to earn a quick buck. That will all shake out soon enough as market forces drive true product innovation.