Crypto Giver - Coin of Shame Game - Round 1


So since I’m all settled in over here on GetHashing, it’s time to start bringing back fun with games!

In thinking what we could do with colored coins, I came up with this.
-Note- because this is the beginning of the experiment, this round will be free to play (the ultimate goal is to host games and use a portion of the proceeds to boost GIVER token payouts :+1: )

For reference, the Crypto Giver Token thread is as follows:

Introducing…The Coin of Shame

-Props to -lothendriel- for the design-

The Game - Hot Potato

The basic idea is the coin of shame will be transferred between asset addresses and at specific times, whoever has the coin is out of the game.

The game is won when there is one person left!
The timing will be random, but the game will last for several days.

For this round, all entries are free and the winner gets 0.1 BTC on me :smile:
To participate, please provide an asset address from a color aware wallet in the thread and I will add you to the list.

The rules are:

  • GOLDEN RULE: If you end up losing by holding the coin, please be sure
    to send it to another valid asset address to keep the game going.

  • If someone is out and holds the coin for longer than 8 hrs, I will generate a new group of coins (old amount +1) and send so the game can continue. You are then required to send the whole group of coins going forward.

  • So if the game stalls, I’ll issue 2 coins and folks should send them both along so we can keep reference of transactions.

  • Said person who stalls the game will also be hearing from me about returning the coin, as there ultimately should only be 1 coin of shame in existence!

  • Check the OP of this thread for the current list of valid addresses prior to sending.

  • You cannot send the coin back to the address that sent to you. All others are valid

The game will start Sunday at noon EST so get your entries in for this round while you can :wink:

If anyone has any questions or suggestions, please let me know!

List of valid entries

-headrush- akWhHPUuE2NmBCUHR7SHoqnJPWaFfVUjjk3

Community Made Assets (Non-Revenue Generating)
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First and thanks for the kudos - akWpqN7KYeeS5PESipjS9WDdFB97RXQPNVu


Since you are the first one, do you get notifications when I update the main post?
I should expect not, but if you did I will end up taking out the user references as that will be updated often :smile:


Yes i got updates


In that case, I removed the links to names in the thread to limit notification spam going forward.




I love it, I’m in :slight_smile:


(not sure if this topic gets noticed in the fun corner, feel free to move it around) :wink:


Since this is the first of many games to come, where do you think a better spot would be for it?
Feel free to move it or suggest accordingly!

These sort of things thrive on being noticed :smile:


I’m not really sure. I leave it to you :slight_smile:

maybe we need a new category for crypto raffles and games :slight_smile:


Sweet I loved your games on HT. Count me in :smile:



Sounds like fun :smile:


Lets try it!



Love the coin design! Very fitting! Made me laugh pretty good!


Thanks. I will have to say that GetHashing has opened up opportunities for my creative nature to flourish. I got hired in where I work now because of my Graphic Design talents and have, as of late, had very few opportunities to utilize those talents. I mostly answer phones now and tell people to stick wire A in slot B

It’s been really fun doing the designs for this and other ventures here. :slight_smile:


I tasked @lothendriel with the design because of the great work he does.
The first take was perfect and had me falling out of my chair so we went with it :smile:

I’ll vote for that :+1:
I took over the “promotions” category on HT for that purpose until someone deleted the entire category one day…

My ultimate goal has been to not only have fun hosting games, but to encourage others to do so as well! A dedicated category helps so folks definitively know where to look.

-@everyone else-
OP list updated :slight_smile:


Dont full understand, but like games. akQPA2o5AZVEgcHhwkxgN6Bp1R72KYZa5rk


Basically you DO NOT want to be holding this coin.
At random times during the game, whoever is holding the coin at that time is out of the game. (but still needs to pass it along to someone else to keep the game moving)

It’s a virtual version of a children’s game called “hot potato” :smile:
The big difference is when you are out, you are out since this version will be nowhere near as fast paced as in real life because of timezone differences of everyone.


Lets play. :slight_smile:


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Thanks much :slight_smile: