Crypto Giver - Coin of Shame Game - Round 2


Since the the initial event proved be be great fun, I decided it was time for the second coming of the coin of shame :+1:
-Edit to include all the rules now that I am back!-

The Game - Hot Potato

The basic idea is the coin of shame will be transferred between asset addresses and at specific times, whoever has the coin is out of the game.

The game is won when there is one person left!
The timing will be random, but the game will last for several days.

For this round, all entries are free and the winner gets 0.1 BTC on me :smile:
To participate, please provide an asset address from a color aware wallet in the thread and I will add you to the list.

The rules are:

  • GOLDEN RULE: If you end up losing by holding the coin, please be sure
    to send it to another valid asset address to keep the game going.

  • If someone is out and holds the coin for longer than 8 hrs, I will generate a new group of coins (old amount +1) and send so the game can continue. You are then required to send the whole group of coins going forward.

  • So if the game stalls, I’ll issue 2 coins and folks should send them both along so we can keep reference of transactions.

  • Said person who stalls the game will also be hearing from me about returning the coin, as there ultimately should only be 1 coin of shame in existence!

  • Check the OP of this thread for the current list of valid addresses prior to sending.

  • You cannot send the coin back to the address that sent to you (I will be paying more attention this time around). All others are valid

Game will start Sunday evening sometime after 8pm (EST).

List of valid entries:

lothendriel - akUVw69kx7JHjkiUa1wsqRoMhhQyJkeKe1s WINNER
Paulio - akNSWg9T2y5yPq8vHAhqfw78b3ZLsHQ6kQk 2nd place
headrush - akWhHPUuE2NmBCUHR7SHoqnJPWaFfVUjjk3 3rd place
gotram - akQPA2o5AZVEgcHhwkxgN6Bp1R72KYZa5rk 4th place
FChoox - akQiFkVRNV4eLWhDpYCWFK7uhAeV5HYR1Fe 5th place
cyberdexter - akD4qgjBND2GnvjCCVvaDc2J1Q1y52tCFF7 6th place
Hytekk - aka7K618N2vyz32rkc9igVT7pAmmhFZSbLk 7th place
ctgiant - akMgd1M2T7LtoqxSyFcgb2Zgi2B1M1fu9jJ 8th place
Dave_Wills - akQ9ho3MFEcEa7g3pEoVcwa4fVHnsCZLe3c 9th place
leo - akYna28N2T6h1MQrZgKeUDwWcq32AjBUfQU 10th place

All Things Minion

Thanks for the formatting update @Daffy.
Trying to do this stuff on my phone is a nightmare but I meant to get this started today and forgot before I left! :smile:


No problem glad to help out.




First one in.
I hope to try to get more folks than last time (greater than 10!)

The game is much more exciting the more folks in the game :smile:











Thanks @ThePeddler! :grinning:akWpqN7KYeeS5PESipjS9WDdFB97RXQPNVu


The list of everyone so far has been updated!


I’m in :slight_smile:



Updated :+1:
Less than 24 hrs left for signups!

I figured it also couldn’t hurt to summon up folks from last time who may have not seen this thread:

The entry is still free (and with this game i plan on keeping it that way going forward to encourage participation!)

Don’t tell me you don’t feel like being shamed once more :smile: )


Thanks but I’m going to have to pass this round. I have a ton of things to do in the yard and get out to the dump and recycling center and just won’t have much time until late in the afternoon.


Thanks for the call up :slight_smile: Count me in. I am testing the mobile Coinprisim this time to make it easier to keep an eye on :wink:



I realize this game is not conducive to real life obligations (especially when it gets down to 2-3 people!)

That said, have a productive dump :+1:
(One of the few times in life that saying can actually be said in public…)


next game, I hope this round is better for me



Updated the list of entrants, as well as pulled all the relevant info over to the thread now that I am back with my PC :smile:

Game starts soon, so get in those entries while you can :+1:


Go ahead and put me in. akYna28N2T6h1MQrZgKeUDwWcq32AjBUfQU