Crypto Giver - Coin of Shame Game - Round 3 (On Hold)


The third coming of the Coin of Shame game!

The Game - Hot Potato

The basic idea is the coin of shame will be transferred between asset addresses and at specific times, whoever has the coin is out of the game.

The game is won when there is one person left!
The timing will be random, but the game will last for several days and the winner will receive 0.1 BTC

To participate, please provide an asset address from a color aware wallet in the thread and I will add you to the list.

The rules are:

  • GOLDEN RULE: If you end up losing by holding the coin, please be sure
    to send it to another valid asset address to keep the game going.

  • If someone is out and holds the coin for longer than 8 hrs, I will generate a new group of coins (old amount +1) and send so the game can continue. You are then required to send the whole group of coins going forward.

  • So if the game stalls, I’ll issue 2 coins and folks should send them both along so we can keep reference of transactions.

  • Said person who stalls the game will also be hearing from me about returning the coin, as there ultimately should only be 1 coin of shame in existence!

  • Check the OP of this thread for the current list of valid addresses prior to sending.

  • You cannot send the coin back to the address that sent to you (I will be paying more attention this time around). All others are valid

  • NEW - Please wait for atleast 1 confirmation before transferring the coin. We almost broke the blockchain last time…

-Edit 2-
Game will start Monday morning sometime around 6am (EST) to respect family time around the religious holiday this weekend. Happy Easter / Passover whenever there are atleast 10 players :smile:
-End Edit 2-

Also note - those who own android devices are encouraged to try out the coinprism mobile application. An informative article about it can be found here:
Sorry, I could not find an app for iOS users :frowning:

List of valid entries:

-headrush- akUXHZbeZhZmSWoJkRX6YAm6P9GAJAstJVr
-Paulio- akNSWg9T2y5yPq8vHAhqfw78b3ZLsHQ6kQk
-gotram- akQPA2o5AZVEgcHhwkxgN6Bp1R72KYZa5rk

[SCAM] GAWMiners, Paybase, ZenCloud

I also forgot to mention, could a mod please unpin and lock the thread from the last round?
Since I seem to be the only one using the games section of the forum, another pin is likely unnecessary.
Thanks much :+1:


Hi there :smile:
I’m in and armed with coinprism mobile :wink:




Don’t say that, as now nobody will want to play!

That said, I forgot to bring out the summoning post like last time…



Since the post cuts off at 10 user mentions, I left off @lothendriel and @cyberdexter (as they normally end up finding posts on their own :smile: )


I won’t be able to play this weekend. I have family stuff all weekend. I will sit this one out. :slight_smile: When’s the other game comin online? hehehe


Good point, I forgot about the religious holiday…duh!

I will update the OP and the game will start Monday morning to respect folks time as family is most important :+1:

I have the writeup half done and have been running into issues with trying to send mass transactions to get the wallets funded to cover fees…

Info will still be posted today, and I will move back the start to Monday as well to respect folks time with family this weekend. Good news is the other game should take way less of a time commitment :smile:


The new rule will be hard not to break with all the mobile wallets. Count me in :slight_smile:



My problem is I forget to check my account, that is if I even remember I am playing.


The mobile wallet makes this very easy with no login, just open app and check :smile:


Yes also in the 3rd round.


here address akQPA2o5AZVEgcHhwkxgN6Bp1R72KYZa5rk


Sorry I’m out of this one. Busy all week I’m afraid. Good luck to the players!


Sorry I’m out this time. Away on holidays in Melbourne :slight_smile:


Looks like this was a bad week for round 3…
Maybe it’s time to start reaching out to novices on learning about colored coins in hopes they take to them :smile:
I’ve been meaning to do that for awhile now, but wanted to wait for all the forum craziness with HT to die down.

Looks like mineral talk is still down and the accounts from HashTalk are being migrated over…
I wonder if shadowbans will transfer as well :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I agree. GHcloud works on the phone too. :wink:

I’ll skip playing this round. Will be pretty busy in the days to come and don’t want to slow down the game. On a side note, remember to wait for 1 confirmation before sending the token to the next person so the tx doesn’t get stalled. :wink:

Good luck everyone and happy easter weekend!

Looks like mineral talk is still down and the accounts from HashTalk are being migrated over…
I wonder if shadowbans will transfer as well

Since the new and unrelated forum uses the same software than the old one the actual migration should take an hour since the db format is the same. Unless you’re deleting content of the old forum of course… that might take a while.


Good news is our friends over at BCT have already taken care of archiving all the relevant posts :smile:


Yeah not jut them :slight_smile:

Anyway don’t want to drag this off-topic but importing “just” the user rows from the HT database would probably not even take an hour. Those rows are the only data really needed (or wanted). 10 min job… if you know MySQL that is lol.


Spring time here, lot’s of work to do on the house.
I skip this one. Games are fun doh, keep entertaining :wink: