Crypto Giver - Weekly Raffle 3/7/15


This is the first of many weekly raffles to help promote Crypto Giver tokens and help contribute to the token payouts!

If you are interested in learning more about Crypto Giver tokens, please refer to the following thread:

This week’s raffle is a straight 80/20 raffle split as follows:

  • 80% to a single winner
  • 20% to the Crypto Giver Token Payout address

Tickets are 0.01 BTC each and the address to enter is 1L5sDovL9ofQ1GMTMXhT7NXkR8BZJMcX8d
(I have provided the first 0.01 BTC to start the pot, and my transaction will not be included when selecting a winner)

-Note- Any amounts sent over the price of tickets purchased will be considered donations and will be sent to the Crypto Giver payout wallet at the end of the raffle.

Folks may purchase as many tickets as they like, and all ticket purchases will be added to this thread for reference regularly. To see the total prize pot in real time, please check the address here

The winner will be selected by a trusted third party (TBD) on Saturday morning EST on 3/7/15.

Because tickets will be tracked by BTC address only, folks are encouraged to spread the word on other forums, social media, etc to encourage further participation!

If there are any questions or suggestions, please feel free to let me know :smile:

-Edit 1-
All tickets will be shuffled prior to selection so no ticket numbers will be assigned until the day of the drawing

Ticket list:

4 Total:

2 tickets - 1BPpmEA5afmoAMj4ZGmGzUSyk2x3a2SYLc
1 ticket - 15wPMNJ7Lt3vULd8h9gW2Gg4tZUfvWJUXK
1 ticket - 14Lm1oHTpZWXU3NWCC6HX8aud7h8hjDia8


Can I haz 2 tickets please? Entry fee sent. Please don’t give me ticket #1 and #2:slight_smile:


Give him ticket 0 and 00 :smile:


At the Roulette table 00 owns em all :stuck_out_tongue:


You have ticket :arrows_counterclockwise: and :cool:

Now being serious, I added a note that all tickets will be shuffled the day of the drawing (I forgot that was a lesson learned from past raffles :slight_smile: )


Awesome! With my luck I’ll get #1, #2 and #3 wins. The shuffle is a great idea.


I sent you for 1 ticket! May the better man (me would be awesome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) win!!


So cool I will enter tomorrow when I get up.


List updated.
I’m also going to post up on HT and twitter today to see what further interest we can generate :smile:

Since marketing is not my strong point, any help on the promotional front is appreciated :+1:


bumping for the evening crew :smile:

Also, who ever sent in the following transaction I’m not quite sure what to do with it?

What normally causes a transaction to show up like that?
A wallet on a site with pooled wallet funds like zencloud?


I PM’d you.


Giving this a bump, as even I forgot about it with everything else going on this week :smile:


@cyberdexter @tecknogeek @DazME
Since the raffle did not get enough participation, I have refunded your ticket purchases (I also should have sent as one transaction, but I sent 3 instead since I was on autopilot :slight_smile: )

I will hold on starting raffles again and maybe rethink / revisit the approach to bring it back again soon :tm:

Thanks for your participation anyway :+1:


I’m sorry I forgot all about it.


I wonder where all them coins were coming from. Sent them straight on to BetaRigs cause the market got trashed to 0.0110 TH/s a day after “someone” brought 164 rigs online for that price. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that the raffle didn’t take off and thanks for the refund. :+1:

Me too :laughing:


Sorry about that. I got very sidetracked to say the least.


No worries.
I did a pretty poor job of promoting it, so the raffle was easily forgotten :frowning:


On to the next! :slight_smile:


I will try again next week, as I will be travelling this weekend.
When the next one comes around, I think the key will be to promote the raffle outside of our forum (though it’s awesome, its a small fish…)

Any help in promotion is appreciated, as marketing is not my strong point and it helps to have a handful of folks getting the word out :smile:


You could always promote it on the new and liberal Paycoin forum :slight_smile: