Crypto Multiplier Coin - A social experiment


CMC is indefinitely paused so I can focus on MNX and NCX.


A couple of questions off the top of my head:

What cloud mining will you be investing in?

How often will payouts be made?

Will 50% of dividends be re-invested into cloud mining or is that just for the initial purchase of coins?


So this is interesting - essentially you are borrowing money at 10%. Earlier investors get paid off quickly like Ponzis do it, later investors get paid off via the mining proceeds, and at the end of it you end up with a bunch of mining capacity.

Assuming that nothing goes wrong, of course.


Off the top of my head, Genesis-mining, eobot, GHX if anyone is willing to let some go, others that show signs of not being a scam.

At first payouts will be made as often as there are funds available, assuming this takes off and I stop the round, they will likely be paid everyday or every other day as the mining earnings allow.

100% of earnings from mining will go into dividends.


Exactly, and if you run the #s, the first players will get paid back much more than 110%. With colored coins I can’t stop paying based on the return from each address so everyone gets paid until I stop the round.


Ahh - I wondered how you were going to keep track of all of that. I’m not sure I see how the “last” investor would ever make ROI or how you would ever stop paying out, though…


I would rather have this be automated but I lack the coding skill to make it happen.


Could you have the “funding” round end at a specific date, then only start payouts once it is closed? That way you’d have a known fixed amount of shares to account for/payout.


This could work, yes. 50% return after funding round ends and then payouts from then on.
I could then open up a fresh round after that let people “reinvest” if they wanted to.


Like @Redacted mentioned, I don’t know how you will stop payouts once 110% return is reached unless you can somehow get the coins back.


That’s why I have set in rounds. I will just stop paying dividends on that coin and delete the private key.
I can then start a new round with a new coin and all of the cloud earnings would be inherited by the new coin.


I buy a share with 0.1 as dividend I get 50% back (0.05) and other 50% (0.05) you invest in cloudmining.
This is what you mean?




Updated OP. Thanks to @FChoox, the first round will be open for funding for 3 days at which time dividends will start and a new round and coin will be created. I have also dedicated 36ghs at eobot to get things started.


@rdyoung Then the remainder is invested into the cloudmining, got it.
Using the 0.1BTC example, the remaining 0.05btc in the cloud mining would be paid out when the funds become available?


Dividends would be paid as often as there is enough funds to make a dividend payment worth it, at first likely every few days, eventually daily might become the norm.


How are dividends calculated? Is it based on the initial buying shares or what was put into the cloudmining service as well?
How long will you be running this?


Dividends will be whatever has come in from mining divided by the shares in each round. I will run it for the foreseeable future.


What is the mark for round one funding?
What is your take for managing this fund?


First round funding is 3 days. Whatever shares have been issued is it. My take is nothing. I will utilize ref links where I can for cloud options for free hashpower, that’s where I will get paid for my time.