Hi all.

We accept Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Darkcoin and Paycoin.
Atm we sell T-shirts, High quality replica watches (Rolex, Omega…) and original Nautica watches.
More items are coming soon.


I do hope you’re not going to get in trouble for selling Rolex and Omega replicas on a public website.


That image clearly shows Rolex’s name on it. I will gladly send them your website info and I’m sure that they will be in touch with you concerning it.


Will you accept XPY purchases at $20 a coin like ?


Thank you.


I might…its far of on exchange stiull though. lets give it a day or so…if it gets past 10$…ill make it 20$/XPY


Do you have one of those replica Rolex watches in actual solid gold per chance? LMAO Also, would love to see what the inside looks like (the inner workings of the watch).