Cryptsy -> Coinbase arbitrage alert


Currently a 10% difference between cryptsy and coinbase, FYI.


One does not simply deposit USD into Cryptsy.


To The Moon !! (BTC that is). I am hoping to recover more of what I lost at GAW. :smiley:


So true :slight_smile:


It is odd that they make it easier to withdraw USD than deposit. Anyhoo, I followed my risky rule of not following the rule about keeping stuff sitting on exchanges. I like to be ready if an opportunity arises.


One does not simply withdraw out of cryptsy either…


I’ve done this without a problem. The ACH transfer went through in about the same amount of time as Coinbase.


True, that’s why I try not to use Cryptsy to much because pretty much everyone I know constantly has deposits and withdrawals stuck. I mainly trade on Bittrex.


I haven’t had any problems, but fair enough :smile: