Cryptsy Traders?


Just to swap ideas & info…we cant all do our research on every coin, there is just to many. So anything anyone would like to share about trading, strategy, what is on your trade list… the usual info sharing. :smile: I for one just bought some LTC & plan to ride that & few other coins this weekend.


Looks like XPY is taking a dump on Cryptsy…


I “tried” to use Cryptsy a couple fo times but I can simply not put my head around their cluttered trading UI. The “flipped” bid/ask display bellow the buy/sell widgets confuses the hell out of me and since pretty much everyone I know seems to have constant deposit and withdrawal delays I decided to stick with Bittrex.

I mainly trade through CrypTrader anyway so I assume I could use the Cryptsy API but the site is just not for me.


Yeah…if it hits .018 then i will buy it as it should be going to .0205…unless something bad hits the press from Miami. Then again if something good hits the press it could go higher then .021… but i am setting my buy & sell at -.018 & .0205, a .0025 spreadis small but at .0025/.0180 it is still a decent ratio i think. Not looking at ‘get rich quick’ or driving down the price just to get higher profit…want to see it at least double where it is now. HP’d most of my XPY & the general agreed upon math was that the investment into mining HP was $4. an XPY. SOld about 21% out around $3., but that was a designated amount, after i had them in the market & used them to increase my BTC. SO calling it even & hope whoever bought them is enjoying the ride as well.


A lot of small spreads make one big spread at the end of the day. I like it :wink:


Yeah the flip sided B & S slows me down too, its a quirk that takes getting used to. Unfortunately the bot loves it… I like the email confirm on withdrawals. It something i had wished paybase had instead of the 2FA which doesnt do much other then slow me down. Ironicly the bot also likes Coinswap…but without LTC, DRK, or Doge to trade against it is to limiting dispite the ‘fee free’ trades. I do adore CrypTrader…but that is a whole different genre of sites…?


CrypTrader is really just a trading dashboard which allows you to trade the different exchanges through their APIs. I use it because it has the best tools for charting and because I can have multiple coins and different exchanges on the same dashboard.

Since I only trade manually I rely on historical data, resistance lines and other trading patterns. I also like to place conditional orders over night or setup price alarms to ping me when a coin reaches a certain price to enter or exit the market :slight_smile:

here is a snapshot of my dashboard. I changed some coins to different tabs so you get an idea.

However, if you’re using your arbitrage bot then you’ll most likely have little use for it :slight_smile:


Looks like the double dip… the sell depth is thick or i wouldnt be watching it till tonight.


My bot already does that…had a few glitches that i had to work thorugh, so the first week was rough… but its now doing 5 exchanges. Thinking of sending some data back to the designer & see if he can make a custom program for just what i want to do with it…but wary of what price that will be. :bank:


Hmmm, Bittrex low is 0.0187… interesting.

Btw, remember that you can’t boost while double-dipping. 12 hour cool-down :stuck_out_tongue:


Would boosting get you 2satoshi then? I think everyone that has any Primes left as miners is definitely on DD’s now…second pool no no maintenance fees. :wink: The lows should all be about the same…but if one is signifigantly lower then my bot will auto buy it.



Way to necro a thread with a video :-p