Currency Cloud


Have a look y’all. Interesting although nothing new really…

Currency Cloud Connect is designed for customers who want to make lots of payments. By accessing our Payment Engine via our API, you can automate your end-to-end international payment processes and deliver sophisticated solutions, tailor-made for your customers.

We realize that for you to be successful, reducing the cost of implementation and total cost of ownership is critical. You also need to be able to get up and running quickly.

Our API is built by developers for developers. It is simple use. We built it on RESTful architecture making it easy to integrate. When you develop with Currency Cloud you can make the most of our best-in-class developer support center.

And as part of our transparency promise, we publish our system availability, live, for everyone to see.


Hmm at first glance the site appears to jump on the bitcoin payroll wagon. Question is how do they store customer coins? I looked at their security page and the content looks all nice but no mention of wallets, multi-sig, cold storage or anything else.

Pricing to use their API service shouldn’t be overlooked either, there is other providers where you get the same or similar service for free. BitPay’s payroll API comes to mind (insured funds) and then there is of course BitWage (which funnily reminds me of Paybase design wise) :slight_smile: