Current Traffic :)


I got round to installing some stats software to keep a track of what we are doing :smile:

This is only todays :smile:


Is there any way to make those stats publicly available on another server? Would be nice to have semi live stats.


Actually there is and they will be live - I just need to get the code right :smile:

It was always my intention to have the stats live :slight_smile:


Hmm that looks like serverstats script. Oh never mind it’s RRDtool that does graph creations. I always like those graphs. Got a bunch of them made with all sort of stats. bind query’s mail and everything else you can think of.


I know this is semi off-topic but you just reminded me about the UNO difficulty chart from Feb 1st and 2nd when we first started mining it :smile:

We quadrupled the difficulty that day…lol


I use to love the game uno when I was a kid


How about this

Get Hashing - Anonymous Server Stats Page


NICE you should add it to the pool topic.


What is the difference between the public and the private pool? (Other that the one being private…)

Anything special for the private pool? I think I’ve been mining the public.


The private pool is for the transparency aspect of our operation (I am sure @cyberdexter will agree), the ports on the Private Pool are different and we run our Mining Proxies on there - these are for the people that have bought into Batch1 of GHX

You are mining on the correct one if you are using the Public Pool, we dont intend to have anyone other than the datacenters that we mine from coming through the Private Pool.


The private pool doesn’t charge pool fees since we’re all paying maintenance fee on the farm already. Thus charging a pool fee wouldn’t be appropriate. In addition we might be introducing auto-switching and some other nifty stuff on that pool to maximize on the profitability of the power pointed to the private pool.


Gotcha. It was what I thought but figured I’d ask. Thanks for the answer.