Cyberdexter and the quest for the golden POP


Yeah I know, but had to try :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh ffs, don’t make me scroll up on slack. I’ll never find that again.

GHwonderland me!


this is getting funny :laughing:

no special words seymour no pop!


pop me!

Edit: I’d stop but @keymaster seems to be running late


nope you must be getting hungry


burger me!


The tea party scene reminds me alot of here sometimes :smile:

you can blame the chain on that one…
Silly waiting on a confirmation before posting :frowning:


well @cyberdexter needs a brain and @keymaster is very late for an important date


Zombie me?

It’s getting late. You gonna supersize me or what? :stuck_out_tongue:


Now you are mixing films…
Just don’t worry about the man behind the curtain regarding payouts :smile:


Yeah don’t worry about him, worry about me and my POP.


DRINK ME!!! no no thats not it

sorry sorry my bad


Fair enough… Like I said, one can’t get any :love_letter: around here.

I shall clean up our mess and then move over to the couch… :crying_cat_face:


MOD abuse in 3,2…


aaaand done. This was fun :stuck_out_tongue:


Ill just leave this for you as i pass through…