CYP- Cypher coin Discussion


I am curious to what you guys think of this coin?

It is a pretty new coin and has a pretty cheap market cap.


wow i think thats a really cool concept. I love the idea of it unlocking and encrypt and de-encrypting just with say a Nabu, or even just an app on my phone. Being able to get live push notifies on a wearable sounds cool too haha. Qubit algo i find good to hear, keeps the big guys away from draining this coin and lowering its chance of a initial 3 month pump and dump alot of altcoins suffered from, which i think greatly injured the Altcoin market. Good share , thx man


Glad to hear someone likes it. Hopefully other will share their input on it too.


Is this your coin?


Nope. I just posted the topic asking everyone’s thoughts. I found it a few days ago and thought it might be an interesting coin. I do not make coins anymore. This is the first coin I have looked at since XPY. So if it is a bad coin bash away. I will take no offense to it. You guys have more knowledge on coins then I do.


The font is hard to read. :smirk:


Wait, what, I launched a coin? :slight_smile:

.maybe not, it’s a p, not a b… :frowning:


This is why I like this forum another coin to look at and maybe invest :wink:


Isn’t it fun to talk about cryptos or “other things” in general :slight_smile:


Indeed it is. I can remember a time when that other place was similar, before it became all about that coin to the exclusion of all others. Got to remember to look closer at this one while I’m at it.


Yes I agree. The discussions have become very one sided.

I’ll have to check this one out too.


Well I decided that I would invest, seemed to have caught the bottom at 850 sat was able to sell at 1400 sat so a nice little profit for operation get my colleges money back.


Still a long road to go, good luck though :slight_smile:


Yes just 95% more to go, next batter up is TRON


I have bought back in at what seems to be the new bottom at around 600 sat, the devs have posted a small video of the Cypher key. This could get interesting and a coin I might hold for a while and see what the dev does.